Dropping KOF, might pick up SSFIV, need help. :\

I’ve decided to drop KOF cause well it really doesn’t have a scene in the US, and recently I’ve decided to start playing games competitively so I’m like what’s the point of playing KOF then… I tried Tekken, didn’t like it, I don’t quite like 3D games in general lol.
I was thinking about picking up SF cause I’ve always liked SF and it has a scene for competitive play, but I feel like I’m “late” if I pick it up now… :\ :bluu:
HAAAAALP~? I’m confuzzled yo.

your not late at all man pick it up start playing when you choose a character check out the character threads there is plenty here man!

most of all have some fun man allot people get stressed…

Why? You can still play on GGPO and KoF13 is coming out soon.

I’ve said this twice on here today.

What’s the point you said? If you like KOF better play it. There are people online to play, or you can learn about a game and get some SSFIV-playing locals. My friends and I don’t see the point of playing a game we don’t enjoy at all just because other people are into it – there’s so many fighting games to play and your free time is precious :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah In, Houston we have an arcade so I was going to start goin there to practice SSFIV(along with console). And I know I can still play KOF 2002 n 98 on GGPO but I was going to drop KOF anyway cause next year I was going to pick up MK9 and MVC3 and 5 games seems like too much for me (KOF2002,MVC3,MK9,Garou,SF)
Plus I don’t really like KOF that much anymore… :confused:
Okay well thanks guys, I’ll be picking up SSFIV asap, and I’ll start saving money for a stick. :3

Sorry for double post.

Yeah there are people who have been playing for a long time, but you shouldn’t let that put you off. It’s never to late to pick up SF. You and loads of others are just picking it up also.

Kk, whats a great stick to use for SSFIV, price doesn’t matter as long as it’s not like 300+ (well price does matter huh, lol)

there is a sticky about sticks but just get a te if you dont wana think about it

In case you are too lazy to look up the sticky.

It’s in tech talk, and yea the TE is fine as it is.

is this stick ok? http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=73046

Yes, thats the TE (Tournament Edition) we were talking about.

Great starter stick is the TE. Some would recommend the SE for a beginner, but since you already love fighting games I would say you deciding you don’t want to play FGs anymore isn’t a worry, so go straight for the TE.

There’s also custom options. Foe Hammer makes some beautiful sticks for $250, that’s where I’ll be ordering my custom from within the next month. Then of course there are the luxury builders like B15 who’s sticks are REALLY expensive due to currency conversion.