Dropping out of High School...is it a big deal?

I have a hard time finding a job anywhere, especially because I stole $300.00 out of a cash register when I worked at Long John Silvers. I tried to sue my employer for defamnation of character when called for a reference check, but the case was thrown out, and now I have it even worse because of that.

I try to find comfort with my Juggalo family, but despite their sayings on keeping it real, I still have the desire to want more. Even though Psychopathic records keep it underground and not be radio sellouts, I for some reason want to be a mainstream success, get a college degree and stay away from uncontrolled enviroments. No matter how hard I am, no matter how many times I do it, I still get scared of those people.

I find myself wanting to go and be in the limelight. I want to keep it real with my homies, but I want ho’s, cars, and money. What is wrong with me?

And if mainstream success is a big deal, is it too late for me?

Nice troll attempt.

I can’t even figure out what the target demographic for this troll is.

enough said

Go home and be a family man? o.O

On a more serious note, a Bachelor’s degree is the new high school Diploma. So, dropping out of high school is kind of like not finishing middle school 10 years ago.

Sigh. Trolls.

This kid is pretty terrible at trolling. In order to troll correctly, you gotta make your story at least somewhat believable.

i dropped out of high school and it has been really shitty for me these past couple years but its looking up now. mind you i work at a shitty grocery store but only until October when i leave for the military to be an HR specialist. i regret slacking off in HS and leaving/quitting because i realize now that things would be so much better for me if i would’ve given it a little more effort and not slept through every class. but like i said shit is going pretty good now so its all good.

i know this is an obvious troll but i thought i would just put my 2 cents in.

Why the fuck would you ever give a troll thread a serious response? Would you give a begging crackhead some more crack?

Really bad trolling. I was going to drop some knowledge; being a drop out myself, yet becoming successful?but it’s useless.

look at that a google spider can actually speak English.

10 yrs ago? Maybe 30 or 40. I graduated 10 yrs ago, and shit, I don’t know anyone that did’nt finish middle school.

Your right about the BD though. It is the new high school degree because it’s basically worthless, much like a high school degree is, unless your studying for that position at 7-11.

I work at a bank and I know people making about 50k that never passed geometry in high school. Its a funny world

Only if it was their birthday.

We don’t need any more Dr. Bs on this forum.

Juggalo Family…?