Dropping qcf Ultras from player 1 side

Good day all,

I’ve been playing sfiv for a while now, and last year I transitioned from using fight pads to arcade sticks. I’ve been hovering around the 500-700pp range for a while and I think this is my problem:

I cannot consistently execute any qcf ultras from the player 1 side. This limits my strategy tremendously and for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

I have no problems with qcf specials. Just moves that require me to qcf+qcf from the left side (or qcb+qcb from the right side).

I’ve tried different gates on my jlf but the problem persists.

In training mode I can do it occasionally but I still drop it a lot. It feels unnatural. Any help would be appreciated.

Do 100 ultras a day from player 1 side in training mode. It will start to feel like second nature.

Don’t forget how to do it on p2 side though…

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