Drug Addict Saves World...Rewarded With Ridicule


deserves it’s own shitty thread


Dude stops a zombie outbreak before the rest of us have to deal with it, and we gotta make fun of him :frowning:

for shame, planet Earth…

for shame


…He deserve it


Inb4 drug-free rhetoric.

Y’all straight edgers can go smoke some cheese


fermunda cheese


Would that be cheese… fermunda yo nutsack?


It can also come from your ass crack. That type is analogous to Cotswold.


I thought it was more like cottage cheese, but I guess that also comes from yeast infections.


You either overdose on meth or stay sober long enough to become the villain.


so wheres the part where he saved the world? he was only thinking of himself. fuck that selfish ass nigga


i figure he killed the zombies before they started biting people and overrunning the world. Now we laugh at him.


People love to see heroes fall =’(


What else could a hero like him do?

Paint the future, get trapped in a shitty Tim Kring TV Show?


Also, only Mafia players will get the hilarity of SoVi3t being the one to post about a psychotic redneck in a zombie apocalypse.


Too late to say he’s not the hero we need but the hero we deserve?


He’s really the one who caused the zombies by scrambling their brains with his hippie grass.

Don’t do drugs, kids.


Would a zombie go for a druggie or a dumb person?

The answer is not that simple.




I come here hoping to see a picture of Robert Reynolds, lol.


Well played, sir.


The world will never know what he did.
His debriefing - his true mission - will live on only in her heart.
He was a real hero.
He was a true Patriot.


Jesse, we sell the product, we do not use!


at least now we know what happened to Jesse after he drove off