Drum N Bass

Wanted to know if anyone here listens to DnB. It’s been around for a long time but it’s very under rated. Here’s my favorite tune of all time. I will post more if anyone is interested. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Oh where do I begin?






More were that came from.



[media=youtube]KYxX2CSVjQw[/media] Always loved the Sweet Harmony sample.

west cost hard drums!!! this is the stuff i used to go off on at raves here…

this is the fucking buisness son!!

Going to have to rep my home town london with some good old school jungle



Awesome songs, man. Especially the Makoto - Spinning!!


Oh thank god… I thought no one else listened to dnb…

My dad even listens to dnb. Like almost religiously. LOL

I’m not the biggest fan of it. I prefer more house or breakbeat or any type of more chill electronic but it’s not a bad listen since I’m already into electronic music as it is.

Netsky is the only DnB artist I know and listen to. Thought about giving Camo&Krooked and Danny Byrd a listen but I’m too lazy and listen to their stuff.

Cant practice without ma DnB

where in TX u from sir. am down here in the RGV

Anyone I’ve talked to about music has no idea what DnB even is… but everyone just happens to know dubstep. :S

nothing against skrillex, just people who like skrillex.

I KNOW. If you mention dnb people are like, wtf? But when you mention Dubstep they go crazy.

Im in San Marcos. Right next to Austin.

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Thanks, man.

And I love this song. I love a lotta Jenna G. Here’s another dope one I like of hers’.


Hilarious thing is - I’m like the opposite. I always thought dubstep WAS DnB.

Hell, I know House is.

I started producing music about a month ago as something to do on my spare time. Here’s a track I’m working on: http://soundcloud.com/kamaugachiri/afterhours-wip-2

It kind of has a weird Netsky kind of feel to it, and I like it :slight_smile: