Drunk Akuma



Does anybody here regularly play akuma drunk? See, I’m an alcoholic, and I need advise on how to play when I see two of him on the screen with his red fireballs looking like the sun.

I’ve read on the forums that playing akuma drunk isn’t a good idea, but is there anyone here that does this on the regular? What combos should I stick with and what should I avoid?

West I’ll save you the trouble I suck ballsakz weeeeeee!!!


You’ll screw your links if you’re anything like me, but you’ll also play much more aggressive. Sometimes I do better than usual, so long as my reaction times aren’t totally screwed.



have we really run out of things to talk about on this forum already?


sigh. this forum sucks.


After reading this thread I think I need a beer to forgot about it.


i played high once and got so frustrated because i couldn’t move my hands fast enough for even a bnb combo lol.

i think drunk zangief would be fun… just spin the stick and hit fierce buttons


lol tellllll me about it. I feel like I have 10 pinky fingers.


No, it’s cool for randoms to talk about things like this. We just don’t fit in anymore I guess :sweat:


Waste of beer to just get drunk and play imo…


and to tense your verbs properly. I like to play akuma drunk and pretend that I’m Jakie Chan from The Forbidden Kingdom


What are you 12?
If you’re not old enough to drink then you’re not old enough to neg rep me lol.


I see my fan club is visiting me today


Do you take pride in your trolling? “Wow, I managed to piss off strangers, I sure am good at what I do!”


I like how you continue to alienate youself from the major contributors to this subforum, the same people you largely rely on for info. Golf Clap


Just stop responding, this will be closed soon enough.


Drinking a couple beers while playing in a pressure situation really helps me lay back, but since I like to think constantly while I play I generally do worse when I drink.