Drunk driver hits and runs young lady, someone robs her - Im mad!

I dont even know where to begin expressing my rage. Remember a while back about china and the little girl that no one help, well this story is right up there and this hurts more as its so close to home. This is something i might expect from third world countries but not here in Canada. What a white trash scumbag, this is as low as it can get. The charges dont justify the crime.

Using someone’s credit card is risky as shit!
I’m surprise people even dare using other people’s CC, identity thief is a serious crime.

lol Hamilton.

Where is Sovi3t?

that’s fucked up


Isn’t he around 29 years old?



Hope Soviet learns to super glue his butt cheeks shut.

she escapes the douchebaggery of china

only to get pwned by the douchebaggery in another country

how fitting in a tragic yet funny kind of way.

That’s some irony, right there. :bluu:

“breaking story, woman gets ran over and killed…but who cares about that nonsense? Someone robbed her corpse, now thats real news.”

Got damn thats right near me. Yeah, sad world we live in. We have drunk drivers everywhere in this shitty city, and our downtown is full of scum. At least they got the fucker.

And I recall something like this happened awhile ago in Texas. Old guy got hit by a truck waiting for a bus. Everybody else took his groceries.

And almost every Asian girl I have fucked was from Columbia college. Thank you rich Chinese parents for sending your unwanted daughters my way.

And didn’t this happen last year?

How do you get fat white chicks, mixed with hot asian girls? Canadians…

And you took their wallets as well DIDN’T YOU, MR. JASON TROTTER

What was her boyfriend’s credit card doing in her purse?

Nope, although a few asked me to go to the abortion clinic with them. My sperm is potent

Man, humans really are the best, huh?

Nooooooooow it makes sense

Guy who stole her purse is Six Nations. Which means he is one of our oh so productive Natives, the ones who sell illegal cheap smokes from their reservation while using firearms to occupy any land they deem “theirs”

Which means he was already scum

Isn’t that the norm?

I don’t know about that. To me that’s like entrusting a steak to a hungry dog.