Drunk Master - Martial Masters Sprite Rips


Not sure this is really “done” here, as I only found a few other sprite threads, but here ya go. One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite fighters.

As far as I know these are the first rips of this character, as ripping from this game is supposedly a bitch - which I can confirm :wgrin: - but as these are my first real rips it was pretty time consuming anyways.

There aren’t many rips from MM about anyways. I only know of three characters that are ripped, Saojin, Master Huagn and Monkey Boy.

I’ve started ripping Monk and Reika too.


Walk Forward





? + ?

?A/B/C/D When opponent is on the floor

??? ?/?

??? ?

???, ??? ?/?

???, ??? ??/?

These are only a few of the stances ripped.
For all my Drunk Master rips go: here


my av is better.


What teh fuck?




stu - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_masters


Oh Snap~

My Brother told me about this game before

he said it was a pretty fun game for a Taiwan made game

I think it was made by igs


i giggled a lil’.


Nice ‘rip’ work! :tup:

Look forward to seeing the others.


is it possible to play this on mame?


:bluu: Photobucket NEVER loads for me… dood.


According to MAWSthe answer is no. But if you look in the WIP section it is playable as of version .111u6

I just tried it on my machine which has v.118 and it woks file. Have at man. :wgrin:




you mean MAME PLUS PLUS 0.118

i use MAME PLUS PLUS 0.119


Those are awesome man. Good stuff!


Oooh…that photoshop link almost broke this ‘dinosaur’ I call a computer! Hahaha!


I use MAME32 0.118 I am not familiar with MAME plus plus. But if it is a port of the original MAME code then you should be able to use it. It is up to you to find the ROM file. If I said anything more here it would be against the rules.



yes it work on plus plus. I played this a couple days ago funny enough,