Drunk thread v.itsbeenalongtime

whats good fellas

Might as well


lets drink, jay

already buzzed and it’s only 6:30

waking up after a long night of drinking.

who would’ve thought shots are so hard to keep track of?

is that the winner of the white rapper thing?

goin to lincoln later on…drunk white/asian girls ftw


Drunk white girls > drunk asian girls


drunk clock > xx

make it happen…


“It’s not your fault, Clock. It’s not your fault…”

“damnit jay, not you too. pushes your chest Please. Not you too…”

yes, yes it is.

I just had some $20 ice wine from Cost Plus. :smile:

Im so drunk right now i dnt even know what im doing on srk i should be sleeping and yeah i dont know how im typiong good too . I evenhad to bringh a very drunk friend home had to wake up hois parents at liek 3 am i hope hes nto gonna get owned by hsiu parents …

^Niga I 20 and I drinkin’ my 3 can oD ber now 2am.

Lol, I can tipe just gotta focus!

gettin crunk after work fuck a work day

YaH NO…HOOOOW coMe we be acting stupID on the planet? NIGGAS be smart n stupid an shit.

I think I may need to drink to soothe the pain of monday back after spring break.

cracks a 40 oz of OE

Time to drink like the homeless.