Drunken/back stance confusion

I’ve been playing matches online and for whatever reason that I try to go into drunken stance while neutral, the game puts me in back stance instead. When I do it offline, I get drunken stance all of the time. Has anyone else have this happen to them?

I also get that a lot in online play, best way to solve this is forward+ 3ppp then let go of forward immediately; don’t try to go into autopilot mode and manual reset yourself into neutral, the game will register the slightest back motion and you will end up into back turn…Sorry for my explanation. Better example Do you play tekken? Think of it as lei’s razor rush in Tekken: go forward let go of your d-pad or your stick …reset yourself to neutral naturally then start the 1,2,1,2 string

Ah ok. I actually did some testing of it offline and found something kinda odd… it does it then too! But I figured it out though. Because this runs on pretty much the same fighting engine as AE, inputs can be stored to the point that even if you pushed back but then immediately forward and the 3 punches, the game will still register the back input, thus coming out with the back stance.

My solution is to wait a few frames before hitting the punches, erasing the stored back input. It sucks, but you gotta do it