DS, Gamecube, Wii, Playstation 2, DC

I need to get rid of bills. These are prices shipped I accept Paypal. I have references on Shoryuken.com, 1up.com, and ebay.com Prices are negotiable

(SEALED) Pokemon Bonus Disc (Jirachi Download) $35

(SEALED) Phoenix Wright Stylus $20

Wii Games:
(MINT) Super Swing Golf $35
(SOLD) Elebits $35

Playstation 2 Games:
(SEALED) Armored Core 2 Nexus $30
(SEALED) Silent Hill 3 $30

Dreamcast Games (All Japanese) all these for $65
I will add the list of games.

if you have bills why do you own those in the first place?


From the rules: “DO NOT bump your own thread for no reason unless you are price dropping.”

Also are you gonna list those dc games?

is that stylus 20 shipped?

Yes all prices include shipping

hows $16 shipped for that stylus sound?