Ds vs. Psp?

So i got a birthday coming up. That means new gear :slight_smile:
Ive been looking into getting a handheld (the last one i had was a GB color and i only had two games for it)

My brother has both and ive looked and played around a little bit with it, but im not sure what to get. Ive got a little list of pros and cons,

Nintendo DS:
Pros-- No region coding, cheeper than DS, touch screen means fun mini-games, plays DS, GB, and GB Advance games, decent game line-up

Pros-- Plays movies, plays music, better graphics, HUGE screen
Cons-- costs more, i really dislike the L & R button placement, region coded games (???), i have not seen near as many games that look fun…in fact, game list looks sorta lame from what i have seen

Anyways, i don’t know very much about either of them, as of now im leaning toward the DS because i can play Japanese games on it, but if i can on the PSP then that would make it harder. Either way, 100+ dollers is a little much for my parents to swing for a birthday so i might have to pay part of it, so the PSP being like 170 is another strike for it…but the graphics are awsome, i can’t help but think that it might not be so bad…movies are a defonate plus…

Any help? what do you prefer and why??

I play my DS more, but both mine are modded, so I tend to get unintended use out of them. But I would say I’ve logged much more time on my DS than my PSP.

Both easily modable though. (Like you need no knowledge about how to do such things.)

i was reading up on them. The DS defonatly seems like the better protable, but the PSP has some raw power. at this point its looking like its gonna be DS.

Can you get an internet browser for DS? and does the PSP have region codes on the games?

(what would be some mods for a DS?)

psp has no region encoding. you can import games easy.

Can’t you play DS games on the PSP through emulation? Heh, I love my PSP. All three of them. :v

thanks. any idea about a DS web browser?

I guess you meant to say “Cheaper than PSP”, right?

Maybe you’re best with the DS, the PSP just has a few games worth buying it (Silent Hill origins being one of them, but it was ported to PS2, so… why bother?)

lol yeah, Cheaper than PSP.

Yeah, i know what you mean about the games, i played Liberty City Stories and after the second mission i was like, “Why am i not just playing a console??”

Also, Anyone know any links to some good DS mods?

You already know the answer lol. Grab a DS and a CycloDS Evolution and you’re set.

If you want, get a PSP if you are like… bored… I mean… get it for shits and giggles… but i would say… get it AFTER a DS…

I have and love my DS. Do you really need to browse the internet on your handheld? I personally don’t even think that should be an issue. DS has a much better line up of games and unlike other Nintendo systems actually has a lot of support.

Screw it. Get a GP2X F200! :woot:

get the DS, you can do a lot with it as you can do with the PSP. If you get the DS, you should get M3 Simply. It runs with a micro cheap into your DS and lets you play multiple of games if you have the roms. Also, it supports homebrew apps (web browsing, calculator, etc) and moonshell which allows you to play mp3s, and video. You should go look it up =]

For modding purposes IMO its a lot better to have a modded psp than a modded DS. Although the DS has a better line up of games. Although you can run roms on the DS to me its a lot better when they run on the PSP. Both are great though. You won’t go wrong getting either one.

Also know the web browser on the PSP is really not worth it.

hm… I say PSP, since its easy to mod, plus you can play all your favorite PSX games on it.

But, the DS is not a bad choice.

DS for Portable Gaming

PSP for Portable Media System

What he said

Truth, I can’t count how many times it didn’t have enough memory to load a page.

I hear the web browser for DS is HORRIBLE! Is there ANY decent way to get surf on the DS??

BTW, ive decided on the DS.

For whoever asked if i needed to “research” on my handheld…not really, but i liked the DS, then played around with the PSP and was like “hey, this isn’t too bad…” so i looked up some stuff about um. But im gonna go with a blue DS.

Or you can save for Open Pandora!

psp modded >>> all

look up HoBo app for the DS. It requires M3 simpy to run it though, its a pretty cool web app and it worked pretty well. You can look it up on youtube, but yeah, DS or PSP. Both great =]