DS wifi connection problems, please help

Everytime I attempt to use WFC I get the following message from the settings menu.


I’ve had to enter the required info manually (and correctly - i.e. the WEP key, IP address, primary DNS etc.) but I keep getting the same message (in some cases the error code changes but is still within the range).


These are all the options available to me, I’ve checked a number of topics from this forum and others but I’m still unable to solve the problem.



This is the wifi dongle I’m using. Whilst the nintendowifi site does not have this dongle on their “router compatability ratings”, neither are half the other products that do appear on their support pages (the one where the site tells you how to reconfigure the settings).

If it helps im on Windows ME and my ISP is AOL. Are there any people out there with the same system and/or ISP who are able to connect?

Please help :frowning:

  • I posted this in another thread but I figured I stood a better chance of getting a response if I created a new topic.

Something tells me its AOL.