ds4 need help !!


i am a new here in shoryuken.com and i want some helps for my ds4 pcb i whant to connect it to my hori arcade stick soulcalibur 5 ps3 .

first : it is possible ?
second : how can i make this works?
pls help me guys coz un just destroyed my controller ps4 trying to conect him to my stick :anguished:


Here be sure to read the first post carefully
If you have any questions ask there

if you’re new be sure read the rules before making a new thread qhttp://forums.shoryuken.com/t/info-thread-rules-faqs-and-tutorials-inside-read-this-before-hitting-that-new-thread-button/80246

Next time be sure to do your researches before making a new thread as explained in the rules thread


ok thanks a lot brother