DS4 with Xbox Buttons


Hi everyone! I was wondering if there’s a guide or anyone who could point me out how to mod a DS4 to have Xbox buttons. I was thinking about buying a 2nd hand 360 controller and a DS4 then try my luck with replacing the buttons from Sony’s to Microsoft’s.

I prefer the layout and feel of the DS4 but most of the games I play are on PC so usually the QTE’s are always gonna be in Xbox’s buttons.

Please help!


You just want to physically put in the 360 buttons into a PS4 controller shell?

I don’t think you’ll find a guide… In all honesty, the theory is not complicated: Just disassemble both controllers, and slice/dremel away at plastic in the 360 buttons to match what you see on the PS4 buttons. Test fit often; it’s always safer to cut too little and cut multiple times, than to cut too much and not have any way to fix it. Problem is, most controller buttons have guide-tabs on the sides/edges so that they don’t rotate; they probably don’t mate well between the two controllers.

Alternatives would be:

  1. shave off the top millimeter or two of the PS4 button, and shave off everything except the top bit of the 360 buttons, and glue;
  2. 3D print Xbox buttons shaped like physical PS4 buttons


yes exactly.

I guess I can try that. How difficult is it to open a DS4 and put it back in?

Also is Gummo still around?


I haven’t done it myself, but no controller is really hard to take apart and re-assemble. From what I’ve seen, the actual physical disassembly of the DS4 is fine; it’s padhacking it that’s a pain in the butt.

Gummo hasn’t been around on these boards since about a year ago. As far as I know, he doesn’t go to FGC events other than EVO anymore, so I think he’s taking it easy from the hobby (at least for now), as I believe he has a young kid. He’s still decently active on Twitter, though.


Oh. I was gonna ask him if he could do it but I guess I can try it myself.