DSP Fan Videos

These are amazing to watch, and showcase how Phil seems to attract SSBM players who watch DSP’s videos after practicing wavedashing and blogging about how certain techniques need to be banned.




I got nothing against DSP himself minus the fact that he has an ego problem, but his fans are retarded, just read through some of the comments they leave on his videos or channel.

DarkSydePhil - “he isn’t that bad!”

  • a 10 year old


Haha. You guys.


You guys.

My gf actually likes watching the DSP walk through vids in certain games, and whatever gets her interested into video games is a plus for me. Kinda makes me sad he has so many fans on youtube, but what can you do. People are stupid. I really wanna find the MM he had against Mixup where he gets destroyed 10-0 and loses 700 bucs.

Forreal though, DSP is sometimes cool, a lot of the times a dick. The worst part is that people actually pay attention to him, threads like these just make him more popular. Especially those people who go through the trouble of creating an account just to flame him. What do you think that does? Generates more views for his channel.

Lol the guy who made the video has a hundred DBZ posters in his room.

DSP gets very angry at Bioshock 2.


A 12 year old fan of DSP meets his idol in SSFIV. DSP proceeds to ridicule the child.


My take, he’s pretty above average at fighting games, but other games he’s subpar. His nagging and bitching is why people watch him anyways, or they don’t have the time, money, or systems to get a decent preview of the game he is playing (guilty on the second account). His attitude totally changes whenever he has a friend or others around, so most of his commentary is meant to be crass and obnoxious, thus attracting the 10 year olds. I’m actually older than he is and in the same career field, but the only reason I’ll show him any respect is he is at least learning from (most of) his mistakes and can document some funny moments.

I made an 8 minute clip vid of some of his goofier moments because I didn’t feel like favoriting specific vids and time skipping to them. Watch if you want. I didn’t add the “sticky grenade to the face” from MW2 or the “chainsaw to the nuts” clips in time before his channel got suspended by Steve Jones.