<DSP-> im like 10 levels above everybody here, it was pretty easy


(re: his SF2AE win)

DSP is the truth. Old school SF will never be the same…

i like dsp’s shittalking style

East Fucking Coast!!1!1
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Um, it’s true?

I was the only person who actually practiced for this thing, I was the only CE Bison who knew how to lock down and how to escape the lockdown. After the tournament ended Julian kept begging me to tell him how to escape the trap and I told him not until after EVO Finals!

This isn’t shittalking, it’s truth. Justin said it himself: If this game had O.Sagat, it would have been a completely different finals. He’s right. But this is AE, and I was the only person really preparing for this.

So Rob, please try to twist my words some more. I don’t know how else you can show how fucking jealous you are, but creating entire threads trying to make me look like a douchebag? Come on now, you MUST have a life that’s better than this…

DSP, u my nigga

If anything, this weekend was a severe wakeup call for me.

I’ve learned to understand that, deep down, I do care about how I play. I am tired of doing everything to a degree of mediocrity. I don’t care that the number of people who play old school SF is shrinking every year - I know that I have the potential to make things in my life happen. ECC did that for me long ago. Seeing alot of the faces who attended my tournaments back in '98 at Evo East made me realize that I was responsible in some way of helping in the creation of our community, as contentious as I was at the time.

With that said, I think that we need characters like DSP in our community. As controversial as he is (honestly, there are times I feel Phil crosses the line, but he is entitled to have his own opinion) his flaming rhetoric does draw controversey, and controversy causes more inclined people to attend these events. I find it fascinating when people keep getting baited by DSP, I see these kind of traps a mile away, but you peeps keep stoking the fires and he just keeps firing back.

He delivered again this weekend, albeit not the same calibur of players as the ones who played in Evo West (sorry Phil, but those videos show the Wolfe brothers on a totally different plane of play beyond you or anyone else’s grasp of the game) but he did effectively stomp through the entire run of the tournament finals with ST Balrog.

*I only wished I played better against Mike Creque, as he was the loser’s bracket player from the same pool. I’m still stinging a little bit from making the poor decision not to play ST Honda. That CE Ryu was a bad idea for someone like me. *

I’m glad I went to Evo East because it has pumped me up for tournament play again. Knowing that it wasn’t that long ago that I was actually taking matches from Phil for free to the solid player he has become now makes me want to improve my play. Hopefully I’ll keep momentum this time, but I’m going to try my best to reintegrate myself into the old school scene, in some way.

Thanks Phil, Mike Creque, Mike Turner, Phi, Henry Cen, Flash, Jwo, Trevor, NKI, Bill Gould, Seth, Julien, the Cannons, Wiz, and countless others I ran into this weekend that made me see I was away from my passion for competitive gaming for too long.

It’s good to be back.

According to your posts guys…the SFAE scene over in the east coast is not as calm as the west coast. This brings up the Watson post about how no one is out for blood and everyone is respectful. I think if there were grudges and people were out for blood in SFAE, i think the scene would have more hype. All i know is that East coast is done and now we have the finals to look forward to. So lets keep it clean, but the shittalkin to a medium…get this party started!


after witnessing dsp, wow man you fucking owned.

any videos?!

I told you what I thought about the HSFAE tournament Phil. You talked and delivered but let me make it very clear…if they didnt dick me (no homo) in pools those results would have been very different…Good shit though, rep EC to the fullest, I’ll see you in the finals of Evo bro!

He’s refering to the fact that AE ST old Sagat is nerfed compared to arcade ST old sagat.

hmm…I think the closest thing to O.Sagat in AE is CE Sagat. He has the fast fireball plus a ton of dmg with the Uppercut (ive experienced that first hand with Cole’s CE Sagat at EVO west).

how many peolpe entered?

money match in xmvsf? (to anyone)

DSP 10 levels ahead of everyone at EVO East, unfortunately. He is about 500 levels behind the true OG players of AE lol lol



ps: Jeron, im over here pissed bout your bracket and i wasnt even there. fuckin DIRTEH! Thats 2 majors back to back you got fucked over in =(

What happened to JeRon? I are lost…smelly cole…O_O!

DSP, keep in mind that you didn’t play against me in the tourney. :tup:

Though I played so shitty on Sunday it probably wouldn’t have made a difference. :sad:

Remember what I said to you and Jeron both at the tournament: you guys were the only 2 I was worried about. I knew if I didn’t face either of you I had a free win.

Well at least finals might have been more interesting if you guys made it…sucks that you didn’t, but now we have to focus on the West Coast/Japanese for Finals.

O_O…that sounds like a challenge Jion…

It’s strange to hear that nobody knew how to play against CE Bison, as he was the likely candidate to be the most over-represented character.

Methinks that if you are going to practice one match, that should probably be it.