DSP profiled


He made top article

I didn’t like his comments about the Cannons and EVO. If DSP doesn’t like what the Cannons are doing, he can just say “Fuck the Cannons” and do it up his way on his own.

wtf lol the GG Tournment at ecc did not have only 15 less then the one at ohio. Im not sure where you got that info but its deffinitly wrong. There were 60 people for ohio.

Anyway thats my only comment shrug…

It’s an interview, his chance to say what he feels, we’ll have others up :wink:

Most interviews on Gaming sites/leagues are fairly opinionated, after all it’s a persons chance to stand up on a soap box, some people just have more to say then others.

good read!

ECC Singles - 30
Ohio Singles - 45

Historical stuff is always interesting. I’m sure Phil’s opinions on the Cannons is skewed, but reading about it was still insightful. Props to GGL for the interview, I look forward to further pieces.

and ah the main tourny for GG at ohio was the teams and it had 60. Also i thought singles had 49 but whatever.

DSP is madd boss on this. Much respect.

fun read but i still like the cannons for everything they have done. the fighting game community is safe in their hands.

Yes, Clayton is correct. The main event at Ohio was the teams, and people left after that was done. 60 people for teams, 45 for singles.

Interesting interview. I think every community needs someone like Phil…someone who constantly is pointing out potential mistakes and wrongdoing and hyping up events. He may not always be right, but he gets people thinking.


Good read guy gots some history and very agaisnt the grain i like!!!

I’m liking these interviews. Keep em coming!

steve goes and unlocks the phoenix of hate… GREAT JOB STEVE. Couldn’t you wait until like, the offseason.

I love you too :lovin:


read one of the comments

Before you go and fucking flame over SF for a computer, realize that’s a PC gamer that before now probably could have cared less, now wanting more money and a larger fighter community :wink: and advocating leagues/ladders stepping in.

Hmm good article GGL. I like your site btw. You guys should do some wc3 coverage =D jk theres enough already…
but good job on repping the FGC. keep up the good work. its always interesting seeing what DSP has to say. good job on letting him clear things up.

Phil, if you could…tell ShinDeon “shaaaady” is tryna get in touch with him.
I have a pic of his brother I need to send him.

are you the same shortround from team3d (took a look at your title and sig), if so let’s talk. I think for a while there has been an FPS bias there (but that’s true of most american pro gaming leagues/sites) but I can assure you it’s rapdily changing.

Definately a good read man. Very insightful. Its good to see what people really think and where they “came from”.