DSP profiled

You foolio, send me the pic too! Tee was my best friend for a long time until we lost him and I have no pics to honor his memory.

Heh. I liked the interview. DSP is usually spot on about stuff. I think he’s kinda off base about the Cannons taking 5 years to get major sponsorship. I mean… no one else has pulled it off. Besides, Last year they tried the MLG thing. Year before that was the first time we had G4 coverage (as lame as that was)
I look foward to GGL at my event today.

Great Interview Phil,
Im sure now ppl will understand what an asset you are to the fighting game community, even if you dont agree with everything that goes on in it.

-PS: sorry bout that Ohio thing but im pretty sure Ohio had nothing but top players (save for Marneto) in attendance…and besides it was an opportunity to play with my teammate for EVO so i couldnt not go. everyone was crazy good.

No hate intended here, Phil, but I find the article fairly surprising. In the two issues you discussed, Tekken DR and Guilty Gear Slash, you revealed a lot of “behind-the-scenes” stuff that forced your hand into unfavorable decisions and justified why the choices were made. And largely, you painted yourself as the victim in a lot of these scenarios.

It’s with that in mind that I wish you would tone down the cries of foul play to the Cannons and the Evo staff in general. I mean, if you asked the opinion “of the community”, as you always keep telling us to do, wouldn’t that have make Tekken DR a given? But you chose to go regular Tekken, despite that being aginst the community, and in the end Tekken was dropped altogether.

It’s good that you continue to question Evo staff and keep us on our toes. But you have to undertand that there are a whole lot of “behind-the-scenes” circumstances that we aren’t going public with that forces our hand into some decisions as well for the past few years. I much prefer the King of Hype over the King of Hate. Feel free to question our decisions, but to continually attack the staff as “ruining the community” or that the community is in the wrong hands 'cause of the Evo staff and such has grown far too overbearing.

Now that you’ve ran ECC, I can only imagine you now what it’s like being staff and the difficulties coming from it. Having gone through your Tekken DR and Guilty Gear Slash dramas, I would think it would allow you to be a bit more sympathetic to our causes.

Anyhow, that’s all. In the mean time, though, keep up the fight on the EC over there.

Phil is really the king of love. He was all lubby-dubby when he saw pottachu in the flesh. Trying to give me hugs and cop a feel. Why you gotta be so lovely dsp?

I really hope this issue is addressed in future Evo’s.

We had one day of casuals at best. Even then we were getting kicked off machines left and right. Let’s not even bring up the horror of day 2.

Another good suggestion

Rather then create a new thread I’ll just drop this here

http://www.ggl.com/news.php?NewsId=3319 a break from interviews more of a history (or what I could gather) to help psyche some PC gamers up for fighters.


Some gaming leagues already have enterance music and more… I’d wager it’s not that far off for fighters.

I believe that is what will be happening at the Final 8 for VTYME.

And GREAT article if I do say so myself Steve :wink:

Great Article I couldnt agree with this statement more.

“It is time for the genre to stand along side the current v-sports in major competitions with support from the most prestigious leagues and get the respect it deserves. The fighting game community contains the first true pro gamers. It is time that they move to center stage once again.”

<3 DSP, Now buy me premium again! :lovin: