DSP raaaages!

YouTube - DSPStreetFighter’s Channel LOL I beat darksydephil a few days back.

Friend posted me the link in a mail, I wasn’t even aware this guy did videos. Watch as I attempt to hit Hakan’s hands with my ultra and miss completely, losing the first match… but then prepare to lol hard as DSP messes up every command input (Yeah right) for the rest of the match.

Also, I am dumb and kept falling into Hakan’s U2, but that’s just me not knowing the matchup and making dumb decisions. Otherwise, I think my pokes were pretty on the ball, but Hakan’s footsies aren’t all that good to begin with.

Achievement Unlocked: Earn 100 points by being a scrub.

LOL. I watched this today. He was in rare form during this set of videos.

nothing new here. everyone knows about dsp lol

i’m new here so I don’t know if this dsp guy is actually good…sounds to me like he’s a pretty horrible player/person

He’s a notable person for having alot of game videos, and having a not THAT terrible set of chars for SSF4, but he rages out pretty good.

Thankfully, he’s aware (Or whoever does his vids up to youtube) of his raging, and either he does it for teh lulz, or at least pokes fun at himself for it.

“I can’t do nothing because all of his normals beat mine”


Lol, I know he puts on a show, but he cries far too much. It gets annoying at times, so I don’t really watch him.
He’s the one that chose to use Hakan, basically going into the match with a losing advantage before he even knew who his opponent was (:rofl:)

Needs more CH~ST

Eh, I need to break my habit of throwing out ST’s. It’s that the recovery on it when he lands is good enough for it to be an advancing anti-air for scaring them to keep 'em from jumping. Ah well… it’s still not a good thing.

My particular habit is PPP flips into ST, hoping they dash to follow and mess up… but that’s psychic and a BAD habit.

Lol. I like how he goes from excited to complaining about the game giving Vega “free recovery”, lol.

fuck dsp…i dont care if hes joking or wutever…hes extremely annoying…who complains about being matched up with vega??

Free recovery? HAHAHAHAHAH! His recovery is ASS.

You can’t help but love DSP for his ridiculous shenanigans. Dude is mad hilarious.

Unsung hero of thread: Doctorine Dark’s sig.

Ugh… Why did you have to go and post a video of this fat slob’s awful game play in our beautiful Vega sub forum?

If you guys haven’t see this already, it is the absolute best DSP match. [media=youtube]Vl70bnMSmW4[/media] Fucking LOL

Dude, we didn’t want more…

loool what a bad hakan

j.rh all dai boi

DSP is a terd sandwich. No, I retract that. He is a shit sub on stale french bread.

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Someone made someone else rage about how godly and unfair Vega is? Nothing new here.