DSP vs. Afrolegends at EVO: Ultimate side bet!

It has been decided that since Afrolegends has been talking SO much shit about me these past few weeks, there is going to be a side-bet grudge match at EVO on Cigarbob’s cabinet. This is going to be an official side bet taking place. A lot of parties have a vested interest in this match, including both OGs and newcomers.

The rules:
-All games will be played on the PS1 version of ST, which is the official version of ST for EVO.
-Grudge match will be first to 10 wins.
-Grudge match will be officiated by AKscrube a.k.a. Nathanial Montes of Santa Ana, CA. He is a neutral third party and regular of #srklive who has volunteered to make sure everything is kosher.
-There will be NO COACHING on either side of this bet. Cheering and/or shittalking is encouraged but under no circumstances will coaching be allowed.


If Afrolegends, who NOBODY seems to have met in person, ends up being some KNOWN OG PLAYER who is pretending to be somebody else, the bet is OFF.

And now, the ante:
In true DSP fashion, you know I always bring the big bets. Well, unfortunately I’m unemployed :frowning: which means things are a bit tight. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I AM BITCHING OUT!

-DSP will ante up his HORI REAL ARCADE PRO STICK for this bet! Here is a picture: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-m-15-real%2Barcade%2Bpro-70-5w3.html
-Afrolegends will be matching this wager with $80 of his own money.

IN ADDITION, side bets:
-Sub-0 from #srklive has put up $25 to back DSP.
-True Tech from #srklive has put up $10 to back DSP.
-Afrolegends has matched both of these bets.


Post your thoughts! Post your side-bet offers! This first post will be updated as bets roll in and are matched!

who cares? you guys both suck.

I bet Afrolegends = Cole. I’ll put $10 on DSP.

afro is not cole. Ill guarantee it.

i met afro at camelot a couple weeks ago. he didnt play, but he seemed like a cool dude. gl to you both.


ill take that bet! if you are serious.


I’ll put $20 on Afro

I predict score will be 10-0

i’ll back up another $20 on legends…thats free money for afro.

I for one have met afro so that throws out ur stipulation right there.

ill bet my life on afro. Make sure to record the matches. and reactions. take em down afro.

damn doesn’t seam like there are any more suckers for me to bet with. Oh well at lest I have Marn.

I’ll bet ONE M-I-L-L-I-O-N D-O-L-L-A-R-S on Afro. :wink: I think you’re very good Phil but Afro is on another level.

Damn, makes me wish I was there. Blanka would be biting heads off! RAWR! :wgrin:


Sometimes, when I see posts like this, I want to tell Afro to lose just so that this guy will end up dying over a SF side bet.

I mean, come on, that would just be comical.

AS afro knows, I own him so it would only be fitting as my student that he owns you :rolleyes: :xeye: :tup:

I’ll back $40 on Afro! Only because we have played and I know how good he is. I’m a solid player and on my best day he is 5 to 1 favorite. Dude, Afro is sick in the fuckin head good! Oh I have a good job and am willing to back him even more if he asks me. KICK SOME ASS BRO! (or fro) :clap:

Although i DO have a Legendary Afro, I am not AfroLegends =P Sorry Marn.


Cole, show up for your matches this year! On time, please! lol

OH BUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN ShinJN you are the insult master!

And Cole, Hit some buttons if you dont mind. K thanks.

umm, I guess you have selective memory as you’ve been talking a lot of shit, not him.

10 on afro