DSP vs. Empire Arcadia results

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DSP, webmaster of Top-Haters.com against TWO of "THE EMPIRE"s best in Super Turbo. To be revealed at ECC. Handicap match.

Match stipulations: two sets of best of 5. Back to back. Blind pick. DSP can change characters if he beats the first Empire member the first set.

The bet:
-If The Empire wins, DSP will publicly admit at ECC AND on the SRK boards that the Empire is the bomb shiznit. I will also put something up on Top-Haters.com.

~Born to Play~

DSP vs. Jeron Grayson, and Flash Gordon of Empire Arcadia.

Congratulations DSP, a dark day has befallen two of the Empire’s soldiers. DSP defeats Jeron and Flash G.

  1. DSP is awarded $250.00 and rights to talk smack about Empire Arcadia.

Detailed results: After Jeron and Flash G lost, to try and save Empire Arcadia’s reputation against DSP Santhrax decided to get involve and help get back at DSP for beating his fellow commrades. Santhrax fought well and won the first set, however DSP came back and beat Santhrax over all in sets. Good battle guys, that includes you too DSP.

PS: You know this is not over, you will run into the Empire again. Sooner than you think. Until then.

Who’s DSP?

empire blows…

way to punish em bro props.

Is this like the first time someone made a bet and actually followed thru with it? And paid in the end?

$250 wow thats some good $ there…

Props on all for putting up instead of shutting up. It’s been enjoyable to hear the story:)

Although, not a good show of the Empire. Doesn’t an Empire rule over all? Looks like the rebellion ownz ol skool:P

Great sportsmanship. I woulda been all eyes had I been there. I like shit like this:D


~Born to Play~

Your telling me, when DSP gets back monday I am going to have to hear all the shit talking. Oh boy, heh. I just hope the boys redeem in ECC8, because that will be the only thing that holds our face from being shattered. If we can get out of ECC8 win a couple of wins, then we will live for another day. We can always get DSP another time. Even if it means that I myself have to play him in a personal tournament. That time may come but I am not going to prematurely push for it. I’ll wait for a bit first to make sure that I am ready. Other than that, it was good to see that you guys enjoyed the pre show event so to speak.

PS: As for Empire’s ruling over all, yeah that is true, however you will always have rebel rats that fight back. Until then.

:lol: good shit phil, rock my av when u get back on a comp. let them know :smiley: show then the fukking powerfull shirts man:D

congrats on you guys actually fulfilling your part of the bargain. and good job phil.

~Born to Play~

Just keeping our word. Until then.

This thread has brought a tear to my eye.


so does that mean dsp(phil) is actually luke skywalker in disguise?
and that tfgm is a decrepid ld man posing as the emperor? lol woohoo damn and i missed it all because of work damn :frowning:

Good job by Phil. Of course, the reason he won was that Flash basically randomed himself out of the last game and blew his lead. Props to Phil anyway since he had to come back from 2-1 in both sets to win.

Characters used:

DSP - N. Ryu, Blanka

Jeron - Chun Li
Flash - N. Ryu

TFGM did not come to ECC, so he didn’t have to sit outside as part of the payoff. Or he did come, but didn’t announce himself. Either way, it doesn’t matter since everything else went down right and Phil did get paid. Let the hate begin anew.

Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing. TFGM DID NOT SHOW UP TO ECC. He bitched out, and so he didn’t have to stand outside the entire tournament. Fucking pussy.