DSP's GET HATED ON Moneymatch Madness @ EVO

EDIT August 10th: I have reached my max quota of $500, that’s all I’ll have to cover at EVO, so no more money matches will be accepted. Thanks for the free money, and see you all at EVO, scrubs!


A lot of people have asked me why I’m not going through with some of these huge, stupid challenges that are getting thrown around on IRC and such. It’s because unlike people like Hevad, I’m not a fucking baller and I don’t have that much money to throw around. What I’m trying to do is have a pretty decent size pot of money matches that are for REASONABLE amounts.

The purpose of this thread is to list the money matches I have already accepted, and to also see if anyone else out there is interested.

Please, if you are going to challenge me:

  1. Make it for a game I play. AE/ST is obviously my best game, and I’m not bad at MvC2 or 3s. But I’m not dumb enough to try to accept challenges in Alpha or CvS2, so keep that shit out of here.
  2. Make it REASONABLE. Don’t challenge me for $5000 when you know I can’t accept. Keep bets reasonable…lowest I’ll accept is $10, average size will probably be $20, and the largest I’m willing to do with ANYONE is $100.
  3. Keep the sets SHORT. Nobody wants to see us play first to 10, that shit takes too long. If you’re talking ST/AE, then 3/5 or 4/7 is fine. Marvel I will not play more than 3/5. IN SOME CASES I WILL CONSIDER TAKING SINGLE-GAME MONEY MATCHES!

Already on the card are:

vs. Jay “Viscant” Snyder
in ST: 4/7 games, $100
in MvC2: 3/5 games, $100

vs. Christian aka "Skisonic"
in MvC2: 4/7 games, $100

vs. Florida’s own Vercette
in MvC2: 3/5 games, $20

vs. FlashMetroid
in MvC2: 3/5 games, $20
in 3s: 3/5 games, $20

vs. The Legendary SooMighty
in MvC2: 3/5 games, $10

vs. Alex “Calipower” Valle
in AE: 3/5 games, $20

vs. Buktooth
in AE: 3/5 games, $20
in 3s: 2/3 games, $20

vs. AfroLegends (the oh-so-hyped match from last year that didn’t happen because Afro’s joystick didn’t work on any PS2)
in AE: 3/5 games, $20

vs. NKI
in AE: 3/5 games, $20

vs. darkumas (who is this guy?)
in AE: 3/5 games, $20

vs. Marn
in 3s: SINGLE MATCH for $20 WOO (what a sucker)

Sick AE player.

I’ll just spectate the money matches.

ill play you for $50 or $100 in Marvel. Ill mirror match you.

hey Phil, you want a rematch against me? hehe… 4/7 for 20

Soo: HELLS no, I’m not stupid enough to think I can beat anybody who’s actually good at Marvel. I haven’t played the game seriously in ages, and Wigfall owns me every time I try to enter a tournament. If you want to fuck around for like $10 3/5 I’d consider that, but anything else is just a donation to you.

Vercette: I’ll accept your match if you reduce the amount of games to 2/3 or 3/5. 4/7 is too much for so little and for shitty marvel.

3/5 is good for me,

dsp play me 3s for 20 2/3…i’m not marneto

ok phil 3/5 for $10.

btw i suck at marvel. LITERALLY speaking i dont play this game any more than you do. possibly less. yes, LITERALLY.

I accept Soo, look forward to having you hand me my ass in a paper bag.

ThyAllMighty, you have a 3s avatar, so the answer is no. You obviously play the game.

sounds good… when you wanna do this?

Lay the fuck off the money match and side event madness that is becoming EVO. The forums have become so overrun with this crap, nobody can actually discuss legitimate things about EVO, like who will actually win singles events!”

i like dsp over vercette

Ill play DSP in mvc2 for 25$ , 3 out of 5. :angel:

Bill… do you not like me?.. anyways… I won’t talk about the past DSP, so I’ll just see you at evo… you still want that bet bill?

Werent you that same guy who made a thread about money matches being bad or something…

anyway Ill take a couple

2/3 for 20$ in 3s and marvel

How about AE, 3/5, for $20?


$20 MvC2 3/5
$20 CvS 2/3 or single game
$20 3s 3/5


AE and 3s, 100 each?

Rob: Since it’s obvious nobody wanted to listen, I might as well try to have some fun at EVO and win some money, since it looks like I won’t have any other chance to play games besides money matches. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Besides, it will keep me out of the casino where I’ll just blow even more money.

Dios: Do I know you? It’s hard to gauge if I stand a chance against somebody if I have no idea who they are.

FlashMetroid: I accept both bets.

NKI: Accepted of course.

Ruin: you are probably better than me at all three games, so the answer is no, get your free money elsewhere!

Buk: I’m probably not going to do any more $100 bets, thats too high stakes with all these smaller bets I’m now taking it adds up. However if you want to do something like 3/5 in both games for $20 each I’ll definitely accept.

20 it is