DTX Bar Fights Tourney Poster

Hey guys. I’m pretty much new to this part of SRK so I just wanted to say whats up!

I recently made a poster for a local tourney here and figure I’d post it up here to maybe catch other local players who may not follow whats going on in our Texas regional matchmaking part of the forums. Hope you guys enjoy!


And if you guys are around the area, join us in this tourney!

nice layout. Clean, crisp and easy to find the essential information – date, time, venue, cost.
Consider giving an email address for enquiries… the forum thing may be lost on some ppl.

Might want to do a test print to see if the text in the middle of the 2 chars read clearly, though… Boxer’s red gloves and the ink splotch in the center interfere a little with the legibility of the words in front of them.