DTZ UMK3 Kombo Video #8 Maximum Damage!

Well, it’s finally here folks. Brought to you by myself, DreemerNJ, and our new partner in crime: ded_, The 8th Darktemplarz.com UMK3T project. This video includes over 50 combos, most of which are from UMK3 arcade, a handful are from MK3 arcade and Greatest Hits MKT for PSX. I don’t have to explain any further, the video speaks for itself.

Much much much thanks to Sabretooth (AKA Battousai, Washu, RacerX319, etc) for the intro and the Ermacube.

here is the video:

www.darktemplarz.com/combovideos/ get ^^^^>maxdam.wmv

Shock, DreemerNJ, ded_


would be nice if mk didn’t suck :tdown:

nice vid :wink:

:clap: man, that was f*cking awesome. the intro was nice, the Vs kabal&sektor ideas were too good. sheeva’s relauncher, kano “roll relauncher” :tup: , I thought you weren’t going to use the kitana morph kombo, but anyways the whole video is damn great dudes! congrats to everyone involved in the vid…

note: Hanzo & zantetzuken are the same person LOL!!

Very good, the overall quality of the editing and especially the combos was fantastic. You and everyone else who worked on this should be very proud of yourselves. Question about the version being played, what differences are there from the arcade and home copies. I love MK and I know all about it, I just never played seriously. X3

I didn’t realize that NG, thanks for the heads up, I’m not gonna change it now, I already moved all the gigs of files to DVD.

And there are numerou differences in every version of UMK3 ever made, too many to list before I go to work.

Thanks for the feedback so far.


nice vid always like your music to most of your vids also :tup:

is it just me or is combovideos.com down?

All your videos make me wanna buy MK Trilogy, but I heard they don’t work on some PS2s. Well, maybe the 2001 PS2s.

Great vid guys :tup:
I always like watching your group’s work.

Outstanding vid as always when it comes to the DTZ guys. :clap: Props to everyone in what is possibly the best vid of all the SP.

Look dont worry about the credits names. It was good to see my Scorpion 98% corner combo in the vid (althoug with the Hp variation) :tup: .

Shock I got two things to tell/ask you:

#1: Wich program do you use to record the screen activity on your PC and wich version of MAME runs UMK3 at its best?

#2: I got around 28/30 different combos for Ermac/H.Smoke/R.Smoke/Kitana/Reptile. ALL NEW, never seen before in any of the SP or even the NKI / SicDic old Vids… I will send them to you via E-mail or PM. Of course thy are all for UMK3 ARCADE tested on my own home. Some are on the corner, NEW 100% (like 3 new variations), and LOTS at midscreen.

Also i was talking to Ninja_Grinder for a second coming in the Mortal Personality Disorder…chapter 2. I got like 20 Shang combos different enough from each other.

As I said PM anything.

GH version worked on mine.

hahahaha great intro i kinda want to get into umk3 /best umk3 combos on the net :clap:

Hanzo, PM me everything.

:tup: :party: good shit as always :clap:

Awesome vid, my post over at MKO is more detailed…

I also have a number of new UMk3 & MKT combos (really, not seen before or similar to other ones) that would be cool for a vid. Since I’m most likely not gonna make another vid, it would be nice to see them get used in a new vid…

You left out Jedah’sMinistry :pleased:
Apparently Shang’s not the only one with a Mortal Personality Disorder.

Sheeva’s Greatest Hits is up next I’m told.

Hanzo/EWAshock: Have you guys played eachother yet? I remember you were having a real heated discussion with eachother some long months ago. It was a fun read. Id like to see another big time UMK3 analysis by two true experts again sometime.

We haven’t played eachother, the last real UMK3 tourny took place in May at ECCX, you can see footage here:



maybe hanzo & me could play eachother some day. it’s easier, were in “brother countries” LOL if happens, I’ll make sure we record it!