Du Pont Heir rapes 3 year old and gets no prison time (aka Rich guys always beat the rap(e)


Ugh. It makes me absolutely sick all the excuses the judges and attorneys will make for these rich fucks. But I guess we’ve known since OJ that having a lot of money buys you a completely different brand of “justice” than most of us get. :frowning:


Kevlar, Mylar, Teflon, Nomex…That all checks out.


…That was an option?!


I didn’t know @Kromo‌ was ballin like that.


“Not fare well in prison”? Nobody fares well in prison!

Anybody with a brain knows it not for rehabilitation. It’s just a place for cheap labor, pain, and insanity


I don’t know dude. At one time I would be outraged, but now that I’ve seen what an abuse allegation can potentially do to an innocent man, I’m skeptical to throw serious punishment at anyone based on the allegations of a woman alone.

That said, I also do not trust the creepyness of old rich white men, so I’m torn. :coffee::

Yeah, the plea bargain. It’s basically assured get-fucked. Court system says “look, you’re gonna get fucked because we don’t need an real evidence to convict you. Soo… if you just give up right now and save the court a bunch of money and time and make the prosecutor’s win record look better, we can get you probation, even though your life as you know it will be pretty much over.”

Your lawyer will likely press you to take the deal.



My reaction:



Anyway, this judge is on the right track. This man does not deserve the same amount of punishment as someone who was locked up for marijuana possession. Now if only he didn’t get the sentences mixed up…

And seriously, WTF is “fourth-degree rape”? There’s rape (penetration), molestation (non-penetration), and being held in accomplice. What the fuck is a fourth degree charge?


He’s also accused of raping a second child (his own son), starting at 19 months old.





And yes, I did steal this from GAF.


Part of the definition of first degree:


The victim has not yet reached that victim’s twelfth birthday, and the defendant has reached that defendant’s eighteenth birthday

Seriously, what was that judge smoking? If he isn’t even pleading innocent, then he should be convicted of the crime he committed.

If I’m rich enough, can I be convicted for human trafficking and get the charges reduced to mild neglect?


I’m just imagining this DuPont guy sitting at the negotiating table with the prosecution, and for every briefcase of cash that he puts on the table, the charges drop one degree in severity.



I take back what I said earlier after reading up on this more. Dude’s certainly highly suspect, but too he’s too rich to be punished like he should be. If at all.

Like I said, sick rich fucks.


Wtf is fourth degree rape?

Is that like involuntary rape? Accidental rape perhaps? I am white so I can get away with it rape?


You obviously haven’t seen Norwegian prisons.



Or UK prisons, niggas in there getting tvs and consoles in their cells, if they dont get wifi they sue the HMPS for violations against their human rights etc.

Anyway this guy looks like an animal, I hope some believer in the 2nd ammendment over there puts 2 through his brain.


thing is us jails are meant for animals, considering how most of you are animals. shame the top predators always get away so they avoid being treated like animals. dumb shit for dumb people, it all makes sense. even free you guys are treated like livestock, land of the free my ass. if you’re wealthy and connected with other rich pedos and satanists, sure then you’re good to go.


Haha white people rule.



Lucky it wasn’t an old rich white woman otherwise the kid would get sued instead.


didn’t realize before he was a du pont heir. that explains EVERYTHING. that dude can get away with murder and nobody will touch him. his ex wife is crazy for even divorcing him


Having money is the Roll Cancel of society.