Duael: Street Fighter IV & TEKKEN 6 2V2 Teams - San Diego, CA 01/09/10

Official results for Duael T6 Team Tournament:

1-35 players = 3 payouts (70%, 20%, 10%)

1: Team IAMTEKKANE (myk/kane) $280 + 1 Hori SA, 1 Hori SE
2: Ahmedinejad (Aris-Chet) $80 + 1 T6 Edition Hori EX-SE
3: team tetsuo & naokingu (rip/suikenuser) $40
4: diseased blankets (USMCogre-Brahma)
5: Team THE BLUEPRINT STORE (Shawn-Paul)
5: FAT $ (Filthyrich-Tim)
7: team rain (leoC- gotsoymilk)
7: Team Kingaling (Chojin-Sean)
9: Team Monocle (Will J - Link richie)
9: Asian pop heros (Kaiten619-J-Flo)
9: U MAD (NeRemixed-Alexman)
13: gay karma (galen- karma)
13: SE Wei (eric-steve)
13: Team TFC (th3 hurricane-Mundo)
13: Team Yimachine (Rickstah-Yimachine)
17: shonuff (Leo-jaime)
17: scratching tiger hidden dragon (tony-edvan)
17: Fast Handed Shitter (Cody-Kankuro)
17: Comedy Tree (Alfredo-ivan)
17: Team 951 (nick n- khio)
25: black duck (edvid- j.c)

T6 commentary was provided by Filthy Rich, Aris, and MYK.

As far as I was told, the commentary provided by these politically INcorrect individuals was quite amazing. The laughter and amusement I heard roaring from the hallway was in response to the comedy brought forth from these guys. Their knowledge of this game is so impressive that it sounded like a different language to me and I’m sure some others as well. We really appreciate you taking your time to create such an enjoyable listening experience for both our stream and live audience. We look forward to working with you in the near future and thank you Aris for keeping it as clean as you promised <3

Official Results for Duael SFIV Team Tournament

36-48 = 4 payouts (50%, 25%, 15%, 10%)

1: Team No Blocking (Combofiend - Alex Valle) $420 +Madcatz ComicCon TE +Madcatz MvC TE
2: C U Next Tuesday (ShadyK - ComboJack)$210+ Madcatz ComicCon TE
3: Team Ninja Warrior (Hugo101 - Kio)$126
4: Team UMAD (Alexman - Neremixed)$84
5: Team Rosemead (Gootecks - Evil Elvis)
5: Kim Chi & Chitlins (Skratchie Chan - Calm Warrior)
7: Black Money (Mike Ross - Keno)
7: Riot of the Blood (Coffee - Fulgore)
9: Team Killer Instinct (DJ Vest - Shizza)
9: Certified Beef (BeefCake - Mr. Certified)
9: Team Run (Dash - Sin)
9: Yebmonic (Yeb - n3m0n1c)
13: Downback (Deci - G3rald)
13: Team Sunbow (Killabyte - Laceysan)
13: Team Cokla (Simon - Sam)
13: Team UCSD (Chris Li - Brian Choi)
17: Sofa King Free (Eiji - Maku)
17: Prestige Worldwide (Caesar - Michael)
17: Jewcast (Steinmania - SESD)
17: Team Shonuff (Leo - Jaime)
17: Team I <3 Mike Ross (Tim - Myk)
17: Wicked Plague (Andrew - Daniel)
17: TeamLastMinuteEntry (Marco_M - Chris)
17: Dark Mexican Plus One (Jokersss - Repulse)
25: Team No Respect (RiP - Suiken)
25: Squirtle (Yammy - Mark)
25: Jab Fighter IV (Dawoo - DJMasters)
25: Team Handsome (Unprotected sex - KSexy)
25: Team Clockw0rk (Arlieth - KillerKai)
25: Team America (Style Guile - Nomadic)
25: Team SenRyu (Leo - Chris)
25: Get At Me Wolf (ShenAkuma - David)
33: Run2 (DEF - ID)
33: Salt & Peppa (Sean - Jordan)
33: Don’t Pick Shotos (Viscant - Pimpbot)
33: Team Dub Es Seagee (Doods - Sallabout08)
33: Sand Paper Hand Job (Ray - Omar)
33: Team Cambodia (Sannsann - Kuizzy ef Baby)
33: Team 2v1 (PBX - IXJ)
33: Team Tofu (Duy - James)
33: Team SDSU (Vince - John)
33: GCSupra/Frank (GCSupra - DJFrank Fresh)

Commentary for SF4 Provided by Jay “Viscant” Snyder, Gootecks, and Killer Kai

There were so many compliments in regards to how well you three worked together. Jay, your knowledge of the game is endless and the way you can easily converse with anyone at the mic next to you is unreal. Every once in a while you can just blurt out a comment so ridiculous it makes others doubt if they REALLY know what kind of guy Jay is under all that awesome hair-do. It is always nice to see you too Killer Kai, especially this time being my first to hear your commentary. You have quite a gift of words and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say I truly enjoyed listening to you speak and we would love to have you back next time. Gootecks my friend… How is it you can make watching a piece of ice melt exciting? There were so many times the crowd would be silent and you would just start yelling, clenching, or flailing your limbs and the crowd would go wild immediately after. You bring the hype and that’s what SD needs every once in a while. You all do what you do best, and I really hope to see you all doing it again at our next event. Thanks a ton, The Box Arena <3’s you.

The Box Arena would like to extend it’s many thanks to all of the wonderful individuals and sponsors that contributed to Duael’s success this past Saturday. This event wouldn’t have been possible without them, and we would like to make sure those people are recognized.

@Miramar Speed Circuit: What an outstanding venue! For not being a hotel, this venue sure does provide every amenity needed to run a quick, comfortable, and not to mention WELL air conditioned event (was it almost TOO cold in there?). The staff is one of a kind and we would like to thank them for giving us free run of the entire place from open to close. From all of our meetings to test runs and setups, Andy and his team were more than happy to accommodate us to the best of their ability.

@Six19printing: I am not sure if we have ever given you an order of shirts that wasn’t done on time, let alone a week early. It is rare to work with a company that on such short notice can provide a quality product at a good price. Chris, we thank you greatly for everything you have done for us and look forward to many more shirt designs and fliers in the future.

@Redbull girls: Thank you cute ladies for coming and waking up all the boys on Saturday! We are always thankful for the refreshment and the support at our events.

@Hori: We cannot express enough our gratitude for the products you donated to make dueal an even better experience. Whether it was luck in a raffle, trivia question, or placing top in T6, there were a lot of happy people because of your generous contributions. We look forward to working with you again.

@Madcatz: Jose and Mark are two amazing representatives of your company, and we would like to thank you for letting them help with our event and its prizes. Our 1st and 2nd place winners were so excited for their new sticks, and I know once everyone figured out that those key chains were actually tools and not just for looks they were just as giddy. Thanks a million for always coming through and always making a stick that we all don’t mind going broke for. (Hooray for the new SSF4 stick!!)
@SDTekken and TTF: It was a pleasure working with you all. I am very thankful that the T6 bracket was one I didn’t have to seed!! Most of us at The Box Arena know very little about that game and its players so it was a HUGE relief to step away and leave it up to the Tekken pros. A big thanks to Cody for organizing his team, getting extra systems, T6 copies, and running a well done T6 bracket just in the knick of time.

@GYT: Last but never least! AJ and Karaface!!!(<-- the excitement overwhelms me obviously) What a beautiful stream you helped us to provide all of our viewers! All 1,007 of them!! You both are so talented and unique that there is no way anything you set your minds to wont turn into something almost as amazing as yourselves.Jimmy, it was nice seeing you again and finally getting to talk with you. Thank you for helping AJ with team names and all of the prizes, that was a huge help and we appreciate every bit of help we can get. Simply saying thank you doesn’t really cover it, but I suppose it will have to do for now.Oh, and Glen!!!Even though you weren’t there, thank you so much for all the continuing support and exposure. We know if you were there not even a sneeze would go undocumented, and for sure I would have had to remind you to eat. You are such a kind person and I admire your dedication to make the tournament scene bigger and better. We love you guys!

@TheBoxArena Multi-media dept.:DJ Frank Fresh, Steinmania, Natmecha, Kuizzy Ef Baby, and GCSupra are some pretty fantastic guys. I guess it could be considered silly for me to thank them here when I see them about 3 times a week but they deserve it. The countless hours of planning, and the even more countless miles of wires and cables they carry around make them some of the hardest working gamers I’ve ever met. When it comes time to plan these events I’m sure they all lose sleep worrying about making every detail perfect for our players and stream viewers. Their dedication and team work is so intense it cannot be bought and is hardly ever found in individuals not getting a paycheck in return. Thank you for the stream, amazing photography, cords that I don’t know where they start or stop but I’m sure do something fancy, and of course your love and friendship <3 The rest of the Box Arena family and fighters as well, Alissa (the best left hand, seester, and bracket assistant EVER) Oceanside Doods(Always there to enforce the rules), Nemo(thanks for pushing us to change the payout structure… quite genius), Marco_M(your shirt and flier designs are out of this world!!! we want more!), SESD(stop all the working and come play more often!), BEEFCAke(he is sweet under all those muscles), Lacey San(My brother I can always depend on), Calm Warrior(your knowledge overwhelms my little brain), DECI(You’re pretty useful… I think), Yeb(You are still the butcher of SD and we will always be proud of you), and Micheal(Best non vegetable eating manager ever). ShadyK, I know you simply consider The Box your entourage, but we know you love us and we really love having you as part of our team. Without you guys The Box Arena would be nothing, from the bottom of my heart I would like to express my deepest gratitude.:lovin:

@Gootecks: As always, it was great seeing you again. You never fail to show your support and The Box Arena feels so fortunate to have a more established tournament organizer as both a friend and business partner. We welcome any suggestions and/or criticisms you may have for us and are constantly striving to prove our worth to this scene. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us and will continue supporting you on any future endeavors as well.

@MarkMan: You are the BESTEST!! Every little thing you have done for me and The Box Arena since day 1 has been noted and taken to heart. We are working our hardest to reach very similar goals and we are so happy to have you right there with us. You are so easy to talk to and always willing to help. Like I’ve said before, just saying Thank You isn’t nearly enough… but it will have to do for now. Much love to you and AlexMan for always being there to help.

@Our Travelers: Combofiend and The boys from RUN (Dash, Def and Sin) You always come in so relaxed… ready to win some money, get out early, and head to a club some place. It was nice seeing you all again, sorry I didn’t have much time to talk… but I suppose that’s a good thing. Mr. Valle… STOP RAPING SD!! you are too good at this game, and I hope you will be that good at running the raffle because I’m putting you in charge next time. My boys of Black Money, Keno and Mike Ross… don’t be sad, Kio is just that good… and next time Mike, I will have a monocle for you just in case. :rofl: DJVest, thanks for driving down after that graveyard shift and driving home just in time to start another one. Its always nice to see you and I hope to see you soon. Hugo101 and Kio… or should I say Captain Caveman? I still don’t know how you do what you do, but thanks for making the long drive to do it on our stream. Calm Warrior and SkratchieChan, where the hell did that come from? We are all expecting that kind of performance from you next time so don’t let us down!! Rep SD and show them we aren’t ALL free! To our 4th place team… AlexMan and NeRemixed, You guys did a great job and we are very proud of how well you did. Lets aim for 3rd next time so you get some real $$$$ Oh, and Tim… (speaking of money) we all admired your courage in challenging Mike Ross to a $100 money match, but next time try and win 1! You said you might get scraped, and 10-0 sure is a scraping, but you were a good sport and we loved having you come out. Team C U Next Tuesday… you guys are pretty much the best SD and The Box Arena has to offer. Good job my friends, next time lets get first. (Yes, ComboJack is also Box Arena…!!) If there is anyone I didn’t mention, please know that we love and appreciate all of you regardless.

To Wrap it all up, The Box Arena would like to thank our players. Without the people that spend countless hours playing these games and going to tournaments we would have no one to please.Of course, thanks to all of our good friends that loaned us their consoles, games and time for this event. You guys are all awesome, and if you are missing anything just contact us because we may have it or we will replace it for you. Our main goal is and always has been to bring quality tournaments to our SD Scene and a good time for everyone. WE <3 you and hope to see you at the Box some Wednesday from now :wgrin:

<3 Always,

SD always treats us well. We said that before with the last tournament we attended, so coming to this one was a no brainer. 42 teams = 84 players. To knock that out within 6 hours screams of nothing but efficiency and professionalism. As usual, well done Christine and box arena dudes including Kui for stick usage and getting people on the stations, DJ FrankFresh for handing the stream and projector issues helping to spread the word about the box arena, Oceansidedoods, calm warrior and beefcake just for being troublemakers of the group, natbakko for handling the excellent photography, Viscky for commentary (not sure if the box has got a hold of you or not…) and the other 40+ members for just being around.

Props to GYT for providing this community with so much coverage of the socal sf scene. The dedication of this group is incredible.

The tournament venue was exceptional as it was last time. Very spacious for a go-kart place and RUN had a lot of fun there. Also, big props to MarkMan for his never ending supply of hori sticks for this event. Its something that can’t be beat and now I finally have one. To everyone I played, thanks for the games, lot of matches were pretty challenging.

Till the next one. You know I’ll be there for sure! Thanks again guys.

Was a great tournament to watch over the live stream. very entertaining even between matches, great qualit yas well. Also loved the random Mike Ross pictures + chris hu and watson voice overs lol. Keep it up

Thanks everyone that made this possible. <3

5: Kim Chi & Chitlins (Dae - David)

should be TAE and david!!

At first I was hesitant about entering an SBO formatted tournament, but after going through with it, it was not bad at all.

@laceysan, we did it! TOP20! thanks again for keeping my head in the game. by teaming up with you, i was able to get new ways of keeping my tournament nerves down.

@BoxArena, damn i haven’t been to a box arena tournament since fight to the finish revenge…and that’s because i always have to go out of town for some reason. but i DEFINITELY COULD NOT MISS THIS ONE! This was an outstanding tournament with many entrants, and was run very efficiently. you guys continue to go above and beyond my expectations.

@SD, good shit for showing up, we are more than half the reason tournaments turn out so hype and rediculous. We must protect our prize money from travelers!

TEAM SUNBOW. all day everyday. lol

9: Asian pop heros (Kaiten619-Ksexy)

should be kaiten619-J-flo

finally placed high in a tournament for a very long time

@J-Flo we had a good run in this tournament thanks for being an awesome partner
@box arena. i love attending these tournaments. it always get me pumped up.

The turnout for this was crazy. When was the last time San Diego had a tourney with 84 players? You all did an amazing job for running everything so smoothly. Miramar Speed Circuit is a great venue. Thanks a ton to GYT for promoting it and helping with the stream, and to all the sponsors for contributing. I’d ask for a Pelican stick keychain, but it would probably weigh 1lb.

Keno, always fun talking with you, I think you’re actually better than me at certain things with Gen now. I wish I could have seen your Gen vs. Khio :rofl:. Thanks to everyone that drove down, I’ll be seeing some of you again soon.

David and Tae was like the definition of a trap game. :frowning:

LOL yeah Alex valle demoralized us :slight_smile:


Big thanks to everyone at the Box Arena who made this possible. 84 players for a SF4 tournament is a MONSTER turnout. I’m glad everyone had a good time and everything ran smoothly. These big events are always a lot of fun.
Thanks to everyone who traveled for coming down and making it as big as it was.

–Jay Snyder

thank you SD for such an amazing and fun event! a 42 team tournament in 5 hours, that is unheard of!

shady k: it was fun as hell teaming up with you, got to run that back again someday.

valle/combofiend: always good to see you guys, valle you’re just too good. gotta get that grind session in with you.

calm warrior: you should think about changing that name cus nigga you was anything but calm the whole day! lol good seein you again brotha

mike ross: thanks a ton for driving big homie, hope you’re over that food poisoning. get better soon

keno: man how da hell we end up playin all the way out in sd? that’s just crazy! good shit though

gyt: thanks for goin all the way out there to stream this event. you guys are the shit!!!

alisa: good to see you again girl, glad i could help with that migrane. take care

kui: what can i say? you’re just the fucking man! thanks for the everything while we were out there dude. next time you wanna go out to long beach, hit me up big dawg

christine: always good to see you hon, thank you for an awesome event. love ya

to all the san diego homies: djfrank, killabyte, edgar, yeb, alexman, nemo, you guys are fucking awesome! and thanks for letting me use your te stick, you da man. hopefully i’ll get the pleasure of seeing all you guys again soon. take care everybody. peace y’all


alex valle - thanks for comin’ to pick up your paycheck, performing as expected. dick

combo addict - only you can turn a 6-4 handicap match into a 0-10 rape. i need to build my own comboratory

combojack - good shit donning the LAPD uniform and beating down black money for me. let’s win HoC 3v3 yeahhhh

mike ross - i’m gay for you

keno - abuse gen while you can. otherwise, stay cool and don’t ever change

alexman and lagade - wow, good shit taking 4th. do you guys even play SF4 still? beasts

greenhand into ultra - you never let me down. i can rely on you 100% of the time, because you are guaranteed and safe; blocked, whiffed, hit, and fullscreen. thanks for all the memories

sd sf4 - level up please. what does LA have that you don’t?

box arena - wasn’t MY 2v2 idea awesome or what?? you guys threw the best SD SF tournament EVER this weekend. good job, crew. you know your job description includes more than just shadyk’s entourage. i<3 you guys and everything you do… for me. and no, i will never say this in person. ever.

c u next tourney! HAHA see what i did there??? cunt. aha.

Best tournament in SD since Evo West period.
<3 for the Box fam for all the work, planning, meetings that took place to make it happen and WORK. Yeb and Nemo still beasts regardless.
HuneeBee: for keeping us fed every week, and opening your doors and putting foot to ass when need be.
Alissa: for putting up with my rude sense of humor but always making sure were all alright, ps; bake me that rocky road pie ASAP!
Kui, Mark, Stein, Frank, Cane: Putting in time and money into the equipment for a quality product for the scene to benefit from, I cant and dont want to imagine the stress you guys go through at times, hard work paid off.
Shady:CUNT on AIM, for providing shit kickings whenever needed to SD, and spitting knowledge with a hint of shit talk.
David: MAH NIGGAH, hanging from trees at 2 am!
Nemo: you still got it, dont let that shit get to you (I know you wont you crazy fuck)
Edgar: Box Arena Security INC, and share more stories.
Yeb: Still a beast and a threat.
Louie one half of JEWCAST: lol show up more, albeit its tough getting away from the beach.
DECI: Knows everything about SF, dont worry Hondas getting his 720 and Im sure (HOPE) hell be better…lol
props to those that drove down Keno& Mike Ross (Black $$$$), Mr.Cali aka Valle, ComboJack (havent met you personally), KillercommentaryKai, Combofriend (get swoll son) DASH, SiN, Def, ID (hope you guys enjoyed SDs nightlife), hope to see you guys soon.
Ray/Mr.Certified: good shit teaming up w/ me, I know 9th isnt GREAT, but out of 40+ teams, fuckit.
Viscant: your Giefs still buff, and your commentary just flows.
SDT, Markman (<3 Madcatz), Alexman (LA Fitness 4 Life), Jose (closet Mexican), Cody (TTF!), GG and much respect for giving this tournament support and a presence.
The GYT team for their top tier quality stream and coverage for this event.
Only downside IMO is I didnt get to race after saying we would so many damn times, next time.
Thanks to SD and the SF4 Tekken scene as a whole.

One more

BALROG: Thanks for not being TOO much of a broken character, but having a very efficient Jab, pressure and turtle game, Bison aint got SHIT on you (sorry Sloth).

If I forgot anyone, sorry, this half breed isnt perfect.


=’( It’s all good, Balrog is still a part of Shadowloo =D

props to SD, that Hugo101 reppin Dictator, and Zman’s sensei (master pad gief)

Good games everyone! The event was a great success. See you next time. =]

I would like to say thank you to the Box Arena, TTF and SDTEKKEN for doing this event. 84 players! Woo. Everything ran smoothly and shit went by quick! This was definitely one of the best tournaments in SD so far.

A HUGE thank you to GYT for streaming this event, the coverage you guys provide for events is always awesome!

Lagade - GOOD SHIT, HAHA. The both of us thought we were gonna scrub it up, but we played pretty solid! Thanks for pulling thru in some of the matches, sorry I couldn’t beat Kio again :mad:. But yo we suck at Tekken, hahahahah.
ShadyK - How unfortunate :frowning: Good shit on getting 2nd! We need to get that grind session in!
Kui/Mark/MitchellStare/Frank/Cane - Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys put in for the technical department. I’m sure everyone will be amazed at the quality of the vids from the tournament! Thanks for letting me sit at the awesome corner with all the computers :slight_smile:
Alissa/HuneeBee - Thank you both for being so nice and doing what you do for the scene. :slight_smile:
Nemo - Nemo… :frowning:
Yeb - No more Dungeon Fighter Online!
Deci - We’ll get that grind session in soon!
Viscant - Thanks for providing the godlike commentary hahaha, good shit man.
KillerKai - Good job on the commentary! Cool seeing you again bro.
ComboJack - Good shit on 2nd Jack! You’re always welcome in SD.
Valle - Made it look EASY. Congrats on winning.
Combofiend - Thanks for raping ShadyK.
Keno and Mike Ross - Green hand > ultra. :frowning: Dammit. Mike, I know you’re still salty.
Hugo101 and Kio - I hate you guys :frowning: jk, good games!

To the SD SF4 and T6 scene. We need to level up! Get in the lab and start doin work :lovin:

props to the box arena, sdtekken, and ttf for throwing together a solid event. everything was ran timely and efficiently and it was exciting.

thanks to:
all the out of towners who drove down to take the money and the raffled off sticks.
viscant for teaming up with me even though we both did extremely subpar
super buffet for giving me the food coma before the sf4 tournament
combofiend for repping/raping with abel
nexon for creating dungeon fighter online (lol nemo and yeb :lovin:)
oh and jab green hand to ultra

Results and pictures from Dul Tournament! videos should come out shortly!

Thanks for the shoutouts everyone. I hope y’all enjoyed the stream. We are currently working on creating clips of Top 8 including other exciting matches. When Mike Ross lost his contacts … that was TNT we know drama status. I hope the viewers ate that shit up.

Big thanks to The Box Arena for partnering with us to deliver a quality stream, especially DJ Frank Fresh for collab’ing with us for all the technical details. I’m sure, to use his words, I “level 3 focus attacked” him a couple times this weekend but we managed to produce a quality stream. I hope I can get The Box Arena to a point where they can stream on their own, and, hey, if not, we can always collab again =). Many thanks again to Christine/Kui/Cane and gang. I love working with you guys. The Box Arena are classy people. Oh and Oceanside Doods is hilarious.

Mad props to Viscant, Gootecks, KillerKai, FilthieRich, Aris, MYK, Mike Ross for doing commentary. Aris I want you to do my eulogy at my funeral. Viscant you are a godleik commentator.

Thanks to the GYT team and friends of course =) Kara Leung and Jimmy Nguyen for helping out with the stream. 1000+ SON!

AND THANKS SO MUCH TO MARKMAN <3. Holy shit this guy is a stick peddler. LOL j/k thanks for hooking us up and the stream. I love this man. I am naming my 15th son after this guy.

congrats combo and valle! good shit on taking 1st. btw SD please try to look out for the other tournaments going on in socal. This tournament was on the same day as the Denjin Ranbat and also another team tourney in socal. our usual 64 players went down to 16. The Denjin Ranbat’s schedule was posted months before hand (i think it was actually posted a month before the ranbat season even started). Just please try not to schedule tournies on the same day.

ggs to all i played
gratz to the winners