Duael: Street Fighter IV & TEKKEN 6 2V2 Teams - San Diego, CA 01/09/10

Thank You to the box arena for throwing an awesome tournament it ran really smooth no problems at all, Thank you for the awesome raffle prizes we went home with a brand new Marvel TE STick :slight_smile:

Good Job RoTb Krew we did well and Good job to Team Riot Of The Blood(Fulgore/Coffee) for making it to Top 8!!, the match against Team Black Money was really Good!!!

Thank you SD for welcoming me once again. You guys are too talented and too funny. Oh Khio, youre ultras were on point. Poor Mike Ross. And you just turned into Rick Flair when you played me with all those chops to my chest! GG’s to all and I will be visiting San Diego again!

shady, why so salty?


good job guys, so much fun.

nice to see everyone again.

oh yeah, combo jack whats good? you was poppin off all that good shit in casuals till Valle kicked you in yo chest! /Stinkmeaner

i think i holla’d at everyone in person that i needed to, if i didn’t my bust, holla at me at casuals

Good jobs guys.

I have too much to say and not enough time. I will post more later.

Good shit with the viper D. I saw you on the stream. I’m on 360 or ps3 so get at me so i can :grrr: yo face!

Cool tourney, weird format. Will attend the next one as well.

I watched some of the top 8 matches on the stream archive… Why did this tourney end up being BO3 rounds? Wasnt it supposed to be best of 5? or am I just imagining that.

Dul Tournament Stream Archive from GYT up now on Justin.tv! HD versions will also be coming soon

Beefcake. WTH! why am i on another avatar. DANG IT!


Then… that shit worked. Good job David.

Fun tournament. Run realllllllllllllllllllllly fucking efficiently, good lord!

Thx Alex for teaming up! I expected us to do better in Tekken and worse in Street Fighter hahha.
Thx TTF/SDT/Box Arena for the dope tourney.
Thx SD for showing up, supporting the community.
Props to David/Tae for doing so well.
Thx SoCal for coming down. Killers all of you.

Thank you all!

1st HD video out! Sorry it took awhile. We’re preparing for something big for The Box Arena! But from now on will be releasing HD videos daily! Watch for it!

SFIV Top 8 Winners - Team No Blocking vs Team Rosemead

More HD SF4 Videos Released-

[Riot of The Blood versus Kim Chi & Chitlins

C U Next Tuesday versus UMAD

Ninja Warriors versus Black Money](http://www.theboxarena.com/blog/2010/1/26/dul-2v2-hd-video-sfiv-3-top-8-videos-released.html)

More Dul 2v2 Top 8 HD Vids Released.

[Rosemead Vs. Ninja Warriors

Kim Chi & Chitlins Vs. UMAD](http://www.theboxarena.com/blog/2010/1/29/dul-2v2-hd-video-sfiv-2-top-8-videos-released.html)

I will as soon as i set up internet in my room. Still not quite settled in yet! I hope i can see you in march. I have the time and everything it’s just crazy with some family issues popping off.

We know it took longer than expected, but here are you Street Fighter 4 2v2 Top 8 Vids in HD. Head over to our Youtube CH. for the complete video play list. T6 vids will be released soon.

Dul 2v2: (SF4) Top 8 - HD Vids Complete!!!