Dual 360/ps3 - PS4 Hard mod question



Currently am trying to mod a Q4 to work with ps4 but am wondering about methods, thus far i have found this (http://www.diyandretry.com/?p=143) and believe this would be the go to option to do it. but I would like to ask anyone with experience in this if it’s possible to use the official ps4 controller to hard mod with and what processes would have to be done to make it work?

  1. Anything’s possible in this hobby, providing you want to spend the time/money/effort on it.

  2. Totally possible to use the official PS4 controller PCB for this purpose, but it’s much more tedious to do, and MUCH less forgiving to mistakes. And as such is not as recommended as the Hori Fighting Commander 4.

  3. In terms of actual process, it would be exactly the same as that tutorial you linked to.

  4. All the information in regards to the official PS4 controller PCB can be found here: Dual Shock 4 PadHack Thread - aka you should padhack the hfc4 pad instead


cool, thanks for the info. curious what the process is to use it alongside a ps360+ for my own stick. might delve into that thread further


Same process as any dual-mod.


So I was thinking of possibly trfying to use a ps360+ and try to padhack a ps4 and xbox one pcb to it to quad mod it. I’m guessing it’d be a good idea to use dpdt switches as well. I’m trying to figure out if i can do something like a db9 screw terminal for the pad hacks to go to the ps360+. any suggestions?


Why’d you post your same question in 2 threads?

On-topic with your question: DB9 connectors don’t have enough contacts for a standard padhack, unless you plan on using more than one per padhack.
U/D/L/R + St/Sl/H + Sq/Tri/X/O + L1/L2/R1/R2 + Gnd + Vcc = 17 connections between padhacks.


Ok you know what you’re right. Wasn’t thinking about that my bad. Hmm…not exactly an expert at this. I wonder what to do now? I’ve been looking to see if someone may have already done a PS360+ w/PS4 and X1 padhack for quad mod, but hadn’t found anything.


There are plenty of PS360+/PS4/XBO combos out there. Also keep in mind that it’s technically a tri-mod; you’re only using 3 PCBs in that combo. A PS360+ technically doesn’t count as a dual-mod on its own.

If you really want to use a disconnecting method between PCBs, why not use DB25 plugs (ie, the old parallel-port), or even just pin-headers?..


It’d be a lot more cost effective and less work for you to use two PCBs (Hori FCP4 and PDP MKX XB1) for PS3/PS4/360/XB1/PC. At that point you’d also be able to use any existing PCBs you have for this project on other sticks.


Ok so If i use the HoriFC4 and the X1 MKX pad, can I setup them to 2 dpdt switches to go between PS/MS then 3/4 & 360/X1?




Hmmm ok. Now I’m trying to lay down a roadmap as to how this should go. Just to make sure the DPDT goes b/t PS and MS, then the SPDT is for 360/X1 because the HCF4 being set to ps4 will safice for both ps3 and ps4?


You can wire the switch up to the hfc4 to switch if you want home support
This has been answered in the ps4 pad hack thread