Dual arcade stick


Hey guys, im thinking about getting a mas arcade stick for xbox 360 and i was wondering if its possible to get a converter or maybe modify it so that it can work for the PS3 as well. Is there a way to do this? what is the best way?



Only possible to Dual Mod if MAS Systems used Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller.
And those are from Mad Catz; Microsoft if it is Wireless.

Converters lag.


Best way would be to buy the box itself (the wood) from MAS, and find a tech in trading outlet to do the install and dual mod for you.


Thanks guys, but i just found out about this guy Laugh who sells converters here on SRK. Does anyone know if there any good?

(they’re supposed to have no lag)


He sells PS2 to PS3 and PS2 to Xbox 360.

There is a whole Thread about it.
Toodles have done tests.

No lag.
Don’t ask.


sweet im going to get a ps2 mas stick then, ill just get the converters. btw jdm714 you have lightning fast response time thanks, im going to delete this thread in a min.


Why delete?