Dual Blades Extra

Hi everyone,

I had some time to kill in the recent days and had some fun re-working on my old official fighting game for Gameboy Advance! Dual Blades!!

I remember there was a thread about it 3 years ago…
And now I want to share this “never-released” special edition of the game with anyone interested.
You can download the rom file here:


(You need a GBA emulator (Visualboy Advance) or a special card for your gba (Super Card) to play the rom file.)

Also there is a video about the game’s “ultimate finish” moves here:


Have fun!
I appreciate any comments meanwhile :slight_smile:


This thread manage to survive. It might be worth archiving. Fun read though: Dual Blades Thread Redux

Read through it earlier. Makes me want to mess with the game again and use the stuff mentioned in there.

NICE! I boot it up from time to time and have always good moments doing combos or the “combo challenge mode”. Thanks a lot for this! i always dreamed on how a PC version of this game using more advanced hardware would look and play.


So, this topic died fast. Anyone download the game?