Dual Blades/SLASHERS thread

Hey, i have been playing this game a lot, just because it is something different to play on my gba. Does anyone actually play this game? I actually find it kind of fun, especially after you open the extra stuff like alternate characters and junk… Not as bad as i once thought… Well if anyone is playing this game, or at some point played it, share your thoughts, likes or dislikes maybe even some strats. It would be cool to have something else to play.

I am trying to contact kalif and some of the guys at sobee, trying to get any information about this game, cause no one has really covered much on it. It has a lot of weird stuff in it like the special cancel storing and stuff, so i wanted to ask kalif, the guy who designed it, cause it game had an existance as a shareware program for a while…the game is tuff to learn stuff about cause they seem to have an idea of what they were trying to accomplish with the gameplay, but it has a lto of weird stuff added to it…i am having a really hard time finding out anything about this game…Especially since the developer is a group of turkish college students… Is there a following? what is good/ bad about it? ok, i am also writing an in depth faq for this game just for fun, so any stuff that any one knows about this game i can throw in there…

If you get a chance try and contact the poster known as white shadow. He’s REALLY good at the game and know some indepth info concerning it.

I think he’s just the person you’re looking for.


OH. MY. GOD. After 3 Dual Blades thread getting next to zero replies I’ve finally foun someone else on planet earth that has the game.

Dual Blades is the best GBA fighting game EVER!!!:cool: And I’m dead serious I’ve played them ALL!:karate: This game is like MVC2, Guily Gear, and 3S all in one!!!:bgrin:

I have mastered the game and know tons of glitches and high level strats. And boy does this game have some fun glitches!!!:bgrin: :badboy:

Here’s my basic BnBs, tiers, and glitches/strats:

-Alperen (suprise :rolleyes:)
-EX Kanae
-EX Nagasapa
-EX Shin
-EX Efe




Character Strat #.1: Kanae

Kanae is basically the Magneto of the game. She has speed, priority, and some DEVASTATING combos. (Note: All the character’s I will be explaining are in their EX forms)

Slash (SL) Big Slash (BS) Kick (K) Power (PW)

Weak Slash W(SL)
Weak Kick W(K)
Torso Attack (SL)(PW)
Dash ->-> or <-<-
Throw (Close) ->+BS
Block Tap -> when opponent hits you
Recovery ® Hold (SL)+(BS) to finish a move immediately! Requires some
Power Energy.
Breaker <-+(SL)+(BS) while taking some damage. Requieres MAX powerbar
Taunt (Charges Powerbar) (PW) (PW)

B + F

Favored Supers: #.1 & #.3

B&B Combos.

J.BS, Air DF (BS), C.BS, FB (BS), wait till opponent is near ground DF (BS). This combo is devastating even though it uses no meter, if caught twice in a row it can dizzy most characters.

J.BS, Air DF (BS), C.BS, BF (PW), DF (BS)

J.BS, Air DF (BS), C.BS, DF (PW), dash jump while super is still hitting J.BS, Air DF (BS), C.BS, DF (BS)

^ This is the one of the most damaging combos in the game!!!

Useful combo:

Throw, SL Recover quickly!, BF (PW), DF (BS) Requires a full meter

^ This combo is very useful, Kanae is one of the few characters that can use a super after recovering from an attack.

Even though this combo does poor damage because of the scaling from Recovering it is useful because you can connect it after a throw and it can help in close games when you few options and got a lucky throw.

Game Engine Notes:

-There is NO blockstun whatsoever so make sure you use safe attacks or cancel into safe specials or Recover. Throws will own you because no blockstun is throw heaven.

-The streaking effects counts as hit zones.

-Combos scale a lot so be sure not to be flashy otherwise you combos will do jack past 5 hits.

-Most characters can cancel from their dash.

I’ll post more later!!!:smile:

Whafuh. I’ve never even heard of this. :goes to google:

Another thing to note, make sure you taunt immediately after a knockdown to gain meter.

When you cancel a normal into a special the game recognizes the properties of the special even if it doesn’t combo. For example:

In training mode w/ Kanae set the dummy to jump. Then do a Jumping BS. Notice how the dummy still lands on his feet? Now do the J.BS and cancel it into DF (BS) mid-air, see how the dummy is knocked down? This is useful info that can lead to mixups and other things I’ll post later. :badboy:

Don’t forget to master parrying, it gives you substantial health and meter.:tup:

yeah, i have been playing it a lot, i am talking to dinc about it, ( the lead programmer) so i am going to learna lot more about it.

Got a question what speed setting do you guys put it at? I’ve been using normal so far, just wondering if you guys change it or stick with normal. Thanks.


i am using normal, but may change depending on what info i get back from galip and dinc
i am making a DB compendium faq so i will get all that together pretty soon.

my tiers so far(excluding alpern and ex versions)


no shit, jaman owns. it is all about dash cancel and the beast unguardable. Best mis ups in the game, and he can mess up kanae.

Let’s see some pics…

No man I think your tier system is based on favortism.

Kanae EX or not has more priority and higher damaging combos. I play on normal speed BTW, because believe or not some combos only work on certain speeds.:xeye:

Anyways I’ll continue with Duke:

Duke is one of the slowest and biggest characters in the game, luckily he does excellent damage with his combos (and infinite) and has one of the best supers in the game.

Preferred Super setting: #.1 & #.3



^Pretty standard, decent damage.


^ Standard LV.1 combo.



INF (requires the opponent to be jumping in mid-air): J.BS FIRST HIT cancel into Air DD (BS), BF (BS)charge for a second unless it’s Efe then use SL version, BF (BS)… until dizzy THEN, Throw and repeat BF (BS) x whatever. You can even end it with DD(BS) xx DD (PW) for style points. :devil:

^This is Duke’s infinite. Because his J.BS hits 2 times the first hit sets his next attack in juggle state of 3 and you can keep hitting your opponent. This infinite is deadly and can make your opponent’s fearful of jumping. Remember what I said earlier, this is why the infinite works because of the knockdown effect from DD (BS):

*"When you cancel a normal into a special the game recognizes the properties of the special even if it doesn’t combo. For example:

In training mode w/ Kanae set the dummy to jump. Then do a Jumping BS. Notice how the dummy still lands on his feet? Now do the J.BS and cancel it into DF (BS) mid-air, see how the dummy is knocked down? This is useful info that can lead to mixups and other things I’ll post later."*

Other Duke stuff.

-Duke’s S.BS has the probably the highest priority normal in the game but has pretty bad recovery. It can be used as an AA.

-Duke’s DD (PW) super is COMPLETELY invincible at startup so don’t be scared of using it when opponent’s jump very deep so you can maximize it’s damage. It is the ulitmate AA because it does a lot of hits making it impossible to parry.

-Duke’s jump sucks and is very susceptible to AAs.

-His J.SL is a good runaway poke move, very safe.


I like how Dukes grab throws you into the air for free super or other mixups. Later.


That’s Brandon and in all honesty he sucks, even though he looks like a good character from a normal perspective.

Oh and since I’m in a good mood I’ll post Kanae’s MAXIMUM combo she can ever do in the game (Warning: It’s hard as hell and can only be done on tall characters like Duke and Brandon!!!):

J.BS, J.BS, Air DF (BS), (SL)(PW), C.BS, DF (PW), Dash-Jump foraward, J.BS, (SL)(PW), C.BS, DF BS, (opponent is stunned), J.BS, (SL)(PW), C.BS 37 hits 72%:cool:

I’ve only connected it once in a match and let’s just say my friend was POed for the rest of the day!


Just got around to playing this… and since I try to get around to playing as many fighting games as I can, this game must have been hella obscure (an original GBA game – how often do you see those?)

The engine is… weird. Some interesting concepts there – controlled roman cancels? cancellable normals even with no contact? no blockstun on anything? parries for the hell of it (with some fairly loose timing too)? Useful taunts? SS3-style counters? Ghetto SS1-style deaths? Crazy. I have to say this, though: even though this is irreveleant to the actual game, this game has some of the worst character deisngs I have ever seen! The game also seems really slow at the default setting; I have no problems doing any of the combos listed in-game or in this thread so far (I’ll have to try that foolish-looking Kanae one though… watch it not work on anything other than normal speed).

Couple of questions:

What are the weak slashes/kicks used for? Some of them make decent pokes, but since they cause zero blockstun and you can’t cancel out of them, it seems like you are boned if one is blocked. What gives?

How the hell do you get EX variations of characters? I don’t see any mention of them on GameFAQs or this thread (other than the fact that they exist). EX Kanae sounds funny (as if she isn’t stupid enough normally).


It’s Krazzzy!!!

Weakslashes function the same way they do in MVC2 and CVS2 to prevent quick jumps and to provide semi-safe damage in close games. Heck I can only list 3 supers that can effectively counter a weakslash. Trust me once you get used to the wacky and FREE engine you’ll love it!!!:lovin: No blockstun is the only wierd thing for me.

I’m too tired to list all the EX version codes but I’ll list a new character:


The boss of the game is not suprisingly the most broken character I’ve ever seen in a fighting game since Cyber Akuma.:tup: His normals (Weapon Mode) have near instantaneous startup and recovery and can cancel into Weapon Mode combos.

That being said he’s incredibly fun to play.:bgrin:


-Soul Mode J.BS, DDD (BS), BF (SL), DDD (BS), Weapon Mode, C.BS x w/e

^ OK just to clarify what makes Alperen broken as fuck is that his Weapon Mode C.BS combos into itself but doesn’t register as a combo so IT DOESN’T SCALE!!!:wow: And thus makes it an uncombo!!!:bgrin:

-(in corner) Weapon Mode C.BS x 9, Weapon Combo #.2

^This is the most damaging non-super, non-infinite combo in the game!!! 68% damage Man you gotta luv non-scaling non-combo combos.:looney:

-Soul Mode J.BS, DDD (BS), BF (SL), DDD (BS), Weapon Mode (REEEEESET!!!:badboy:), wait till opponent is near ground but not touching ground DDF (PW)

^See when you switch modes it resets the scaling, crazy huh. :clap:

-Soul Mode J.BS, DDD (BS), BF (SL), DDD (BS), Weapon Mode (REEEEESET!!!:badboy:) BDF (PW), wait till character lands on ground, C.BS x 4-6, Weapon Combo #.3.

^OUCH!!!1!!11!!:wow: Ranging from 85-93% damage this is by far the most damaging non-infinite combo PERIOD!!! If you have great execution skils you can switch back to Soul Mode after Weapon Mode in the part I posted (REEEEEESET!!!) and do the FDB (PW) super instead which does 1% more damage. :rolleyes: But it’s all good!!!:bgrin:

Next Character: SHIN!!!

Shin probably has IMO the best design in Dual Blades. He also has some of the the most stylish supers. His combos are deadly and he has the easiest infinite in the game, good thing it scales like a mutha!

Preferred supers: #.1 and Secret Weapon


-J.BS, C.SL, DD (BS)

^ Pretty basic.

-J.BS, C.SL, DD (BS), dash DD (BS) x inf.

^ This is EX Shin’s braindead easy infinite, it is useful for building meter but not in dealing damage even wheh a super is tacked in because of SUPER scaling. It’s a cool way of getting 99/100 hits though.:tup:

-J.BS, C.SL, DF (PW)

^ Standard.

-J.BS, C.SL, Secret Weapon.

^ One of the strongests supers in the game and only does 2 hits!!!:big: My favorite super also next to Final Punishment and Alperen’s Weapon Mode Spear Super!!!:cool:

Things to note:

-Shin’s J.BS does 2 hits so the same thing with Duke J.BS is possible only much MUCH harder because of the smaller timeframe and less damage.

-Shin’s C.SL is a good poke even without blockstun use it for a semi-safe combo into DF (PW).

-DB (BS) is and AWESOME repeat AWESOME AA and projectile, it covers a wide jumping angle and does excellent damage. It’s only con is if your opponent predicts and parries but you can use Recovery to save yourself anyways.

-For fun try shooting of DB (BS) and recover and do DD (BS). No you’ll have 2 spears. :rofl:

HAMMER FRENZY: Could you give me the creator’s IM or E-Mail address? I’d love to talk to him about the game. Turkey college student RULE!!!:clap:

Oh and I forgot:

-It’s FD (BS) not DB. :razzy:

-The birds are useful to summon out now and then to keep your opponent on his/hers toes.:wink:

Oh and another Kanae thing:

Final Punshment (the secret counter super) does the more damage the more precise the timing you had when the opponent’s attack started. If done THE EXACT FRAME it does 75% health, making it the most powerful super in the game (Technically)!!!:bgrin:

I need to open up some more EX characters, honestly, i can’t see kanae in ex cause i don’t have her, but i can see jaman beating kanae easily just in the turtle game he can play nd mix up game he has. Kanae can’t rush him down because of the beasts and the spinning claws. her jump ins cant beat his drop beast and he can screw any jump in with his super number one…I don’t think it is favoritism cause i don’t like him much at all. I just call it like i see it. I wish i could play this game with other people, so i can see other players in action. Right now, my characters are rungard, Efe, Jaman. No shit, almost NOTHING beats jumans jumping slash on start up.(besides some supers.)

EX or Not Kanae owns Jaman. Jaman doesn’t have any decent turtle game, and his priority is only average. His Beast Drop has a long startup time and can be jumped/parried/supered on reaction and will AT least trade which will not be in Jaman’s favor. His Super #.1 can be used as an AA but it’s not present all the time and players will know not to jump. Super #.1 is crap anyways his dashing super which is totally invincible and air super are much better supers.

His jumps and J.SL does provide a decent mixup but Kanae’s DF (BS or SL) has overwhelming priority. In fact I can easily say that Kanae’s AA has the highest priority for an special move in the game that’s not a projectile.

Kanae’s Air DF BS and J.BS has more priority than all of Jaman’s attacks. Final Punishment can also rape any Beast Summon attempt.

No offense I’ve been playing this game since it’s debut in 2002 vs competent human opponents so I know what I’m talking about.:karate: