Dual-board mod question



I’m about to mod my two DC Agetec sticks with a MC Cthulhu board and an RJ45 system for multi-console support. The thing is, I want to keep the original board as well, so that I can still use VMUs.

My question is, can I safely wire the same joystick and buttons to the two boards? Obviously, under no circumstances will I ever connect the DC and another console simultaneously.

Thanks in advance


Yes. You can connect MC Cthulhu and the agetec PCB just like any dual PCB mod.

Connect the ground together, then connect equivalent button signals to each other, and then connect voltage to each other. See also: http://shoryuken.com/f177/2-pcbs-one-stick-possible-146124/

This diagram of the agetec PCB should help:


However, getting the dreamcast cord down the same RJ-45 as the MC-Cthuhlu would be rather impossible


instead of a rj 45 you could use a db 15 port.

Pins 1-8 could be wired to the G-V holes for mc cthulhu and for Dreamcast you can wire both Ground and Voltage to share the same pins, but for the 3 data lines could go to other unused pins on the connector. You could then wire DB-15 cables instead of ethernet connectors. You would have 1 port on the back.

I’m thinking one of these can be put up in the mix so I can use my current RJ-45 cables.



Oh, that’s cool rtdzign. So, MC Cthuhlu + Imp + 360 + what else are you gonna put in there?


Thanks, you two. The DB15 looks like a good idea. I was thinking of adding a dedicated RJ45 port for the DC, but that looks like it will save me some trouble.

However, there’s one last issue I’m kinda concerned about. With the RJ45 pass-through connectors, the only thing I’d have to do would be a circular hole on the stick’s case, and I obviously can’t do that with the DB15. Any advice on how to cut open the hole for the connector?


Slowly cut a hole,
with your dremel cutting wheel,
then drill two side holes.


Slowly cut a hole,
with your dremel cutting wheel,
then drill two side holes.

but cut a notch on bottom edge of stick if you need to remove port easier.