Dual Mod a Madcatz PS3 and 360 PCB?

So my current situation is: I have a PS360 in my SE, making the Madcatz PS3 PCB unused for the most part (other than the turbo panel). However I could substitute the turbo panel and put some smaller buttons on the holes so I can use the PS3 PCB freely.

Supposing I buy a 360 TE, how would I got about dualmodding it with the PS3 PCB?

Are the SE and TE turbo panels interchangeable? My idea is that I put the PS3 PCB in the 360 TE turbo panel since the 360 TE has a separate PCB for the actual controls whereas the PS3 PCB is all in one place.

Would an Imp help for a more seamless change of console functionality or is that limited to the Cthulhu?

Power to Power.
Ground to Ground.
Buttons to Buttons.
Direction to Direction.

Imp to control USB Data.

I forgot to add, is it possible to have the stick function (LS, DP, RS) and lock function on both sticks?

I know I could buy a TE Kitty, but I’m just strapped for cash right now.

And you can solder the Turbo LED too.