Dual-Mod a TE(PS3) with PS360[HELP PLEASE!]


So I made a previous thread about wanting to dualmod my VLX(PS3), but screw that.

Now, will the TE-S(PS3) require any soldering, and is there a guide somewhere showing how to install the PS360 onto it, or even pictures showing the insides.



there is soldering involved
when it comes to the home button

If memory serves me right, there is a video tutorial for aki on how to install this board into both a 360 TE and a PS3 TE
I can’t find it right now though


You can actually buy a PS360 board now? But if your PS3 stick is working you might want to just get an ImpV2 board and a madcatz fightpad for 360 and dual mod it that way. You’ll have to do some soldering either way so why not go with the cheaper alternative?


I’ve had bad experiences with pad hacking, no thanks lol.

I have a PS360 just sitting here begging to be used.


Just so happened i was looking for that aki tuturial last week ** Akihabarashop.jp is now OPEN **


If you don’t want to solder then you have to drill 2 button holes for Home/Guide and Turbo.


same question will get the same response…
PS3 VLX = PS3 TE (as far as dual-modding with a ps360 is concerned)

the TE has a terminal block that u can use, so i guess u can connect wires from the ps360 to the terminal block for most of ur buttons. so all u need to do is wire the stick and home+turbo and a way to connect the consoles to the ps360 via neutrik usb port or solder usb wire to the ps360 directly.


I’m sorry I’ve never done this before! xD



So right now I’m modding my TE, now with the AkiShop PS360, is there a way to DISABLE the Turbo function but USE the Turbo button on the stick to be the button that switches between consoles? Cheers


Such overkill to dual mod a stick… Just hook up the turbo to what you want to use as a switch when going from 360 to ps3
you only have to hold the button down when you switch so it shouldn’t activate


So far what I’ve done is to follow this( [media=youtube]kew3cyvEgcs[/media]) guy EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, except for the USB cable, instead of soldering them, I used these connectors…Now when I hook it up to my PS3, nothing works, any ideas??? Could it be perhaps the ribbon cables?? I’m so lost O_O



how does it register on PC?


are you holding turbo or whatever button to switch to the other console?


Doesn’t seem to register on the PC as well…I made the Home button the switch between consoles, but quick question. I DID not solder a wire to the Turbo button as I don’t want it, could that be causing the problem?


I think maybe I screwed up with the soldering job, I’ll take pictures when I get home.


Do you have the PS360 USB Harness connected to the PS360?
Your picture shows it disconnected.

You NEED the Turbo so you can switch consoles; connect Turbo to Home.
So when you hold the Home Button, you can switch consoles on plug-in.
Or since you have a TE, hook up PS360 Turbo to TE Turbo.

But the Turbo thing is not your problem right now.


Well I’ve only soldered these two wires, they ARE soldered on correctly, yes? Is there any other soldering that needs to be done? Cheers guys.



Ok so the buttons work FINE, BUT the Home button doesn’t seem to work =/


if you’re testing on pc on xbox mode it won’t work
my best advice to you is to pull out a multimeter, and trace out where that home button is rather than look for guides