Dual mod american stick, PS2 american stick, DC and GC/Wiii converters


Hi folks. I’m moving on Tuesday so I need to have these transactions completed Monday at 5 PM (Pacific time) so I can ship these things out Monday night.


2 PS2 -> Wii/Gamecube converters
20 for both shipped.

2 PS2 -> Dreamcast (EMS) converters
25 for both shipped.

Sticks sold.

Sanwa JLF + Wire Harness, black ball top
Sold, 15 shipped to dman

I take paypal only. Thanks for looking.



regarding the ps2 all wood stick $50 shipped. does that include shipping to my side of the pond??


Lol sorry I guess I should have specified that the $50 shipped would be US only.

I imaging I’d be taking a huge loss shipping to the UK.


I got the jlf stick today, Jack. Thanks again and good luck with the move. You’ll soon discover that the West coast is the best coast!