Dual Mod Brawlstick


I want to dual mod a xbox 360 WWE Brawlstick. What would be the easiest solderless method?


TEasy strike or a TE kitty


There is none.




Ghetto solderless you can do.
Maybe that would mean easiest to you.

You do what is shown here.

For +5V, you will have to use a Wire Tap.


Or instead of the ShinJN, use Wire Tap for everything.
Tap into all the Signals.


teasy strike has punch down terminals though, the worst part he’d have to do is to cut off the USB cable and put it in the punch down

unless i am forgetting something


Yes, you are forgetting that the BrawStick PCB is not same as SFIV SE PCB.
There are extra pins on the BrawStick PCB.


that i did not know



Toodles said that the TE kitty cant be used with a brawlstick


There is still some soldering for Guide, Back, and Start, but a Chimp SMD would be the simplest.


Guide can be spliced from the thin gray ribbon.
Back and Start can be tapped from the Strip.


Anywhere I can find a guide for installing the chimp smd