Dual mod fightstick

I heard it was impossible to dual mod a fightstick that was originally a PS3 stick, because of some security chip. Is that true?



Its not impossible, just harder because the 360 PCB needs to be hacked in order to work for a dual mod if you start with a PS3 stick I believe. I’m not sure, but I think that’s the reason.

You misunderstood what you read.
It is possible.

Dual Mod with PS3 would need use of Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller.
Dual Mod with Xbox 360 would need use of Toodle’s Cthulhu, which is easier than using PS3 Controller.

well… thats a relief. anybody know how much this dual mod would cost?

I hear its roughly $15 to hack a 360 pad, though I might be wrong on this

I’ve been wanting to dual mod my PS3 TE stick but I’m thinking its gonna be a pain in the ass. The PCB on my PS3 TE stick is underneath the turbo/guide button panel (is that normal?)

Wish someone would make a guide for this, I’ve read the XBox360 TE pcb + PS3 Cthulhu + imp switch tutorial but I’m still not confident with attempting to mod my PS3 TE stick after reading the info there.