Dual mod help: alternate 5V point to solder to?

Hi, I’m helping out a friend with a dual mod for his R2 TE stick and his attempts at soldering the wire to the 5v on the 360 pcb ended up burning out the solder point at the hole where the pin/wire is supposed to go (the one next to the D-, D+, and Ground - the points for the usb cable). In this picture, it’s the area of the 360 pcb that’s at the bottom right:

Is an alternate point on the 360 pcb for the 5v that we can solder to?

use the usb 5v line

or i forget but you can use either a or 1, one of those is vcc and one of those is ground
so don’t take guesses and pull out your multimeter :3

I think OP means he burned the solder point on the 360 PCB, not the chimp.

I don’t actually know if there’s an alternate point on the 360 pcb, but if it comes down to it, you can scrape on the PCB (very carefully) and expose some of the copper on the trace to solder onto.

I should have clarified before, but we’re using a chimpSMD (not shown in the picture) and we’re not having any problems with that. The problem is with the 360 pcb of the R2 madcatz stick - the 5v pin where the usb cable used to go is unusable as it has been burned away, I see no more contact there to solder to. I’m looking for an alternate point for the 5v on the madcatz 360 is there is any.

So I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing, mr.mortified. Thanks though.

oh that’s not hard at all
shit i wish i had my hard drive and there’s photos there of the point you need to access

basically there’s a capacitor end that links to that vcc trace right beside the point
you can solder your vcc to that end of the capcitor

let me draw that out for you in a sec

point is here


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Sweet, thanks a lot!