Dual mod help, Buttons mapped the same

I have tried to multi mod using the Datel PCB and a PS1 official digital H pad and I have this problem where (PS3 controls) O and R2 are mapped the same as both buttons. When looking at it on PC, it says when I have it O pushed that buttons 3 and 8 are pressed. Same thing when I press R2. Then when I take out O off the button, R2 will still register as both buttons 3 and 8. However, when I have the R2 switch off and when I press O, it registers only as O as intended.

I have checked both circuits thoroughly and can’t find the problem as no solder or live points overlap and looking at the button layout on the PCB of Datel it seems that it can’t be that board because Triangle works perfectly fine.

However when I used this diagram, I didn’t solder onto where it shows R2 but instead right onto the bottom right point instead.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Sounds like you have a short between O and R2 on your Datel. Check your PCB to make sure no wires are crossing or solder is touching (even though you did already, heh). Is it PS3 only problem? You could just use a converter for the PS1 pad if it’s an internal problem on your PCB. I don’t want to say it is, but it can happen sometimes. Especially if it’s PS3 only problem, and not 360. It just sounds fishy.

Well I don’t have a 360 to test it on and I have swapped out the Datel board for another one. If you clicked the link for the datel button layout, you would see that if they were to somehow overlap (which i’m pretty certain it hasn’t) it the buttons would hit triangle too which it hasn’t.

And when I tested the PS1 compatibility, it had the same problem.

Right now I’m just reheating all the solder on the PS1 PCB just to be sure.

Bit of an update, I desoldered R2 (and R1) off the PS1 pad and when I plugged in the USB into the PS3, IT WORKS FINE! so now I have a missing R1 and R2 for the PS1 which I’ll see if I can solder onto a different point.

Just folow the trace, and you can scrape underneath it, then solder onto it.

Don’t worry about it, I found out that it was my own shoddy soldering work.

Sorry to waste your time and thank you.


No worries. No time on Tech Talk is a waste of time!