Dual mod help, just need a few questions answered

I’ve been doing some research concerning dualmodding sticks but have more so found well-written explanations for modding xbox 360 sticks as opposed to ps3 sticks

Unfortunately, the jargon used in this thread has been over my head as I have little to no experience in this area, but am willing to learn.

I’ve recently purchased a PS3 TE-S and i want to know if I can add xbox 360 support.

So having a PS3 TE-S Stick, and from what i understand…

I would need to purchase an Imp board (to allow sharing of the ps3 and 360 board of the existing USB cable)

and a xbox 360 pcb

and after lots of wiring, this should work? i don’t want to have to return my ps3 stick and exchange for a xbox 360 one


Yes if you hack a 360 pad and install an IMP you should be good to go.

You don’t really need an Imp.
Can just use a DPDT Switch.
But Imp is cool.

Yes, work.

Should have just got a 360 stick! So much easier. Oh wellz.

Yeah throw an Imp in there and a 360 PCB and you’re gtg

Get a quality pad, know how to hack it right, and there you go.

May also need to get a 2.5mm jack extender for the headphone port