Dual Mod help needed

I have a hori real pro arcade ex (xbox 360) and would like to make a dual mod to be able to play on the ps3.
I already have a dual strike but haven’t been able to make the mod so far manly because the hori pcb is not common ground.
My question is … even if not recommended is it possible to the mod with the hori pcb or should I just get another pcb that is common ground.?
If the aswer is use another pcb then can i use on of this ?

If the aswer is you can use the hori pcb then … how ?

cumps and thx in advance

Unless you make the HRAP EX PCB become Common Ground by using Transistors and Resistors.
Use a Common Ground Xbox 360 PCB.

The first linked is not Common Ground.
Is actually Common Voltage.

Use the second one linked.

is this one the same? just for price sake

Yes, you can use that.

But you will have to Invert or disable the triggers when padhacking it. Read here: How to padhack an 08/09 Madcatz 4716 Common Ground Xbox 360 Pad

Is there any cheap pad i can use the pcb witch doesnt involve inverting the triggers to be able to use them.

Btw thx very much for the help so far : )

Best bet for a Xbox 360 PCB are the Mad Catz Fight Pad, the Street Fighter fight pads are hard to find now, but you can still get the WWE Fightpads easily enough.
Yes they are the same controller, just a different [S]idiots[/S] persons face on each one

So those pads dont involve the inverting the triggers method ?

Not at all, the triggers on that particular pad are digital and not analog like the usual Xbox 360 pad.

is there any guide around here to teach me how to do it like the one posted above?


read slagcoin.com then look for a thread called “dual modding 101” in the read first sticky.

Doesn’t the dual strike have inputs to automatically invert triggers? If so it might be okay to use a regular madcatz pad.

i allready read that thread very helpfull.

have to investigate about dual strike have inputs to automatically invert triggers