Dual Mod Hori EX2

Here is what I am thinking about doing…

I want to dual mod a Hori EX2 stick. I know I have to remove the pcb for this. But I want to try to do it with a Cthulhu board and IMP switch. What I want do though is I would like to dual mod this, but with the top panel functioning as normal… Aside from the obvious problem of there being enough room in there to do all of this, is it even electrically possible? I mean the main PCB isn’t common ground, but maybe the top panel PCB is??? Sorry, I just couldn’t find much information on the insides of this stick.

If you’re connecting to a common ground PCB, what you can do is take one of the wires from each pair on the top panel pcb, put those all together (either by soldering them together or some other method), and then figure out which buttons each of the signal lines go to.

Just so I have it correct…

I would wire lets say the Guide button on the top panel to the Guide and ground connection on the xbox (common ground) pcb. Then wire a single wire to the Cthulhu board?

Or how about if I wire the guide button from the top panel to the Cthulhu board as well as a ground. Then wire the guide button from the xbox mad catz pcb to the same spot on the Cthulhu board having 2 wires coming out of the same output. Would that work?

Here’s how I would go about modding your stick (assuming there’s a way to fit all these components).

ALL buttons and joystick directions and grounds are wired to the Cthulhu.

Use wires to connect the piggyback points (all buttons + ground) on the Cthulhu to a Mad Catz PCB.

The ground and VCC on the IMP are wired to the Cthulhu (thus piggybacked to MadCatz PCB).

1D+/1D- on IMP connected to MadCatz PCB
2D+/2D- on IMP connected to Cthulhu

Yes. I understand that. That is not my issue. I have done normal Cthulhu / IMP / Mad Catz modifications. What I want to do is have the stock top pane on the EX2 to work with this mod. Any tips for that?

Sorry I misunderstood.

Does the architecture for the top panel lack independent buttons/switches to wire to the Cthulhu?

It does, but from what I understand, the top panel pcb is not common ground. I am trying to figure out how to do this mod with that panel working with the Cthulhu board, IMP board and a common ground 360 pcb of some sort.

wire 1 wire from each top-panel button together with 1 wire from all the other buttons. Thhat will go to ground. Do everything else as normal. Sacrifice the stock pcb. It takes up a lot of space.

Yes, the stock PCB will be removed, but not the top panel PCB. Thanks a lot. I am pretty sure I know how to get this done.

An easier way is to solder the ground points at the top pcb together.

Essentially making it common ground… nice!

Ok, the top panel actually consists of 3 pcb’s. The one for the guide button and the LED’s has 7 solder points. I know that there are 4 LED’s, signal and ground, but I can’t figure out what the last one is. I also don’t know where to solder. Has this PCB been labeled? I haven’t found anything. Most people probably didn’t bother trying to mod this thing. But I like a challenge.

The common anode for the LEDs.

And I would wire that to the VCC on the Cthulhu board?

The EX2 guide button PCB will be an extension of the Madcatz PCB: you need to desolder the LEDs on the latter and wire the EX2 PCB to the points on the Madcatz PCB where the LED were. Provided the Madcatz LEDs are the same as the EX2 ones (common anode) or else you’ll have to rewire the EX2 LEDs.