Dual Mod Hori SCV question

I’m going to dual mod my Hori Soul Calibur V 360 stick. What does everyone suggest that I use? The Cthulu PS360+?

Thanks in advance

  1. The *Cthulhu *and PS360+ are completely different PCBs.

  2. It depends how much work you want to do, how much of the original board’s functionality you want to keep, and how comfortable you are with cutting, soldering, etc.

There is no The Cthulu PS360+, the Cthulhu and the PS360+ are two different boards.

I guess I left out an “or.” As long as it works well on both a PS3 and 360, I’m fine with functionality. A guy I know is doing the heavy lifting for me, he just told me to get the PCB. Just looking for suggestions.


A Cthulhu would be a true dual-mod; ie, you’re modding/adding dual-system functionality.

A PS360+ would be a PCB replacement entirely; you’re taking out a single-system PCB and replacing it with PCB that natively has dual-system functionality. No real “modding” there save for actually fitting it into the casing.

Since you have a 360 Mad Catz stick, the best currently available option would actually be a Cerberus from Phreakmods.

It’s a Hori stick, but thanks a lot for the advice!

Haha, my bad.
In that case, the Cerberus would not be the best choice.
I’d personally recommend a Chimp or Cthulhu+ImpV2, but the PS360+ might be the most painless one.