Dual Mod Madcatz fightstick: Any tutorials?

Hello All,

I’m searching for tutorials on how to dual-mod a madcatz SE fightstick for both X360 and PS3. A tutorial for the TE is fine too, since you can apply that to the SE.

Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but I couldn’t find any related threads on the Shoryuken forums. Any links to a tutorial would be great. Whenever I do a search on Google or Bing, I always get videos or pics of people who dual-modded, but never any instructions.

I implore the fighter community, please help. This is would really help me in bringing my sticks to friends’ houses who have different systems for the same games. As well as local tournaments without having to worry about which console is supported.

Thanks for the help.

Xbox360 and PS3 handle: Animeman59

Bottom of the first page.

This should help.

Oh wow, thanks!

This looks very helpful.

I’ll put this to good use.

Shoryuken rocks!