Dual Mod - MC Cthulhu & external Padhacked SNES

Hi all

I have added an MC Cthulhu to an empty Madcatz SF IV TE fight stick and would like to also add the capability to connect to padhacked controllers, Neo Geo MVS and Arcade PCBs (via a Supergun) through a DB15 port.

The reason to have the padhack option is that I prefer a different button layout to the MCC default in certain SNES games, and also that the MCC does not actually work with my favourite games (DKC1 & DKC2).

I have my Stick and buttons connected directly to the screw terminals on the MCC and have the DB15 port connected to the corresponding terminals.

I have then padhacked a SNES controller.

The padhack works pretty well overall but I get weird ghost inputs on button A.

The padhack works perfectly in a spare arcade stick without an MCC inside, so that means the padhack is working as it should.

I have read the following post on dual modding

and it says the golden rule is that if you use dual mods, both boards need to be powered.

Is this the same if you have an external padhack and an internal PCB like the MCC?

If I connect my SNES via the MCC RJ45, the VCC terminal recieves +5v

If I connect my SNES via the padhack & DB15, the VCC terminal recieves about +2.8v

Do I need to run +5v from the padhacked SNES back up the DB15 and connect the VCC terminal?

Have attached a few pics to help illustrate.

Thanks in advance all!

External, internal, it’s all the same in the sense of a dual-mod.
So the golden rules still apply.


Thank you @FreedomGundam