Dual Mod New Gen Stick Help

Hi all.

I have been looking around at how to get a fight stick to work on PS4 and the Xbox One. I have searched the forums and there wasn’t any definitive answer to the problem. So I’m hopping there is some new info out now on the topic.

I have found the Chronus Max. The PS360+. And the New Magic PCB.

The CMax seems to be the best option for compatibility reasons. But gives hassles to the second player in offline play. Plus having to use a USB stick isn’t preferable for me. It does have the advantage of giving you macro program-ability. Which is something I have wanted since Skyrim. Being able to assign the function of putting away a shield, equipping a fire spell, using the fire spell, putting it away and then equipping the shield, to a simple button sequence so that it can be used mid fight instead of going through the horrible process needed is a massive help.

The PS360+ I can find the suppliers website for. Seems unnecessary to mention that. But I cant find the guys who make the New Magic PCB. I am assuming its New Korea or something like that. But this may just be because the PCB isn’t available yet. Anyway. The problem with the PS360+ seems to be that it doesn’t work with the Xbox One. I have seen vids of it working. But I am now beginning to think they are fake. Then ofcourse people have been complaining about the 8min reset thing. This isn’t an issue. I don’t know why people even moan about it. The PCB allows you to force a reset. It takes about 2 seconds. And if its done between each match you never have any problems. And everything is back up and running before the next fight even begins. If you forget and it resets mid fight, you loose. Oh well. Its still preferable to having to have two controllers.

My other option is a pad hack. I can get a second hand DS4 and a second hand Xbox 1 controller for about the same price as the PS360+ and do the mod myself. I am fine with a soldering iron. Only stress is the small finicky contact points. Is there anywhere I might be able to get a pre-soldered pad hack set up. That might be another avenue to take. Would need both hacks as I have a 360 MvC stick.

Thanks for any direction with this. As I was typing the pad hack bit I think I might have swayed myself in that direction.

  1. CronusMax (no “H” in the name) is not the recommended solution. Macros and other features make it a banned accessory at tournaments, plus there have been reports of busted USB ports due to the weight of the unit. While we in Tech Talk usually prefer an actual dual-mod rather than converters, if you’re really set on going that route, the Brooks converters are more recommended.

  2. PS360+ Doesn’t give you XBO support, and only has limited PS4 use so far (will time out after the usual 8 minutes, after which you’ll have to replug your stick or do the controller soft-reset). So I’m not sure why you’re bringing up the PS360+ in a discussion for XBO/PS4 support.

  3. XBO controllers are ok to padhack (even made easier with a Crossbone adapter), but there are 3rd party solutions out there as well. The Dual Shock 4 has been demoted to “not very recommended” status in terms of padhacking, due to the difficulty. There are much better options out there like the Hori Fighting Commander 4, or the recently released Brooks Fightboard PCB.

  4. And obviously, to get your stick working on both platforms, you’d obviously need a DPDT or an Imp for a selection switch.

^ I like those battop sticks. Big fan of them. 10/10

I would prefer not to use a Cmax. I was just interested in its macro ability for certain situations in certain games. I will leave this one out. Maybe later get one for other reasons. But it wont be part of my fighting set up.

I mentioned the PS360+ as it seems legit to me for PS4 use. Resetting it myself between fights doesn’t bug me at all. And I was just making sure on whether or not it worked on the Xbox One.

I have been Youtubing the pad hacks. And it seems doable, but is definitely a schlep. So before I decide to go that route I am trying to find any companies that sell pre-hacked controllers.

Thank you for the advice. I will look into the Crossbone and the Hori and Brooks options now.

Yip, a selector switch would be needed.

Thanks again. Much appreciated.

Most 3rd party stuff is either straightforward or bozo-easy to padhack, if you’re already familiar with soldering.
If you’re looking for pre-padhacked PCBs, @EJM would the man to turn to.

Can’t you just connect it to a Crossbone? I’t been awhile since I’ve read anything about it, but doesn’t the Crossbone let you connect the PS360 to it without the need of an external switch? If so, you could then use an external switch to dual mod and switch between PS360+Crossbone (PS3, 360, Xbone, PC, Legacy) and a Fightboard (PS3, PC, PS4).

Looked into the Crossbone. Seems to help a lot. And the Fightboard looks good. I will contact EJM and see what he says. And take it from there.

You’re totally right, that’s possible.
But the OP’s original post said that he was looking to get a stick working on PS4/XBO, with no mention of PS3/X360/Legacy, so that’s the angle I was coming from.

Correct FreedomGundam. It wont be used on anything other than PS4/Xbox One. Well maybe PC. But I assume any mod for Xbox One adaptation would inherently be PC compatible.

I think thats only the TE2 version of the Crossbone. (but I could be wrong).

Damn; that puts a bit of a hole in the plan I had for my Atrox if that’s true. @Phreakazoid, what say you?

No, the standard Crossbone has a 20-pin connector for the PS360+, and has a “selector” to be able to swap between it and another PCB.

Yep. Both have it.

if you haven’t bought anything yet, get the XB1/360 MKX pad and the brook fightboard or the FC4. There’s your 4 systems plus PC.