Dual mod not going soo good :(

Its been working for just over a month and all of a sudden it started to hit the start button out of no where, then random disconnects and now the Xbox 360 pcb doesnt work anymore. But when i hold down the home button and plug it into my computer, it sees the mc cthulhu.

All wires are connected and nothing touches. Guess i can disconnect from the cthulhu and try direct to the xbox? ARGH!!!

Thank god i had an extra paewang pcb around to tie me over. Any ideas?

mc cthulhu + retro pcb + imp (is what im using)

My experience with Retro PCBs is that they always seem to fail. I’ve had 3 of them that lasted less than 6 months and just replaced them with a regular madcatz wired or fightpads.

Well that sucks. Im not about to go spend more money on this combo :frowning: Think ill just sell the mc cthulhu and get another paewang