Dual mod on ps3 TE ... xbox live headset?


I searched around for awhile and couldn’t really find anything related to this with google or SRK.

I have a ps3 TE that I want to dual mod soon. (2 PCBs)
I just got a 360 the other day, otherwise I would have gotten the 360 version for the much easier hack + headset support.

If I were to dual mod this stick, would it be possible to add headset support? Would connecting the headset to controller 2 and then using the TE to fight with work?
Would it be possible to just plug the headset into the hacked 360 PCB after doing some work on the TE box?

I’m a little lost here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


well if you used a 360 pcb then you can use the official wireless headset. that is what i am doing. another way is just to extend the mic port off the 360 pcb using an adapter and then just plug in the mic to there. ive seen other members on here do it before, the part can be bought at radio shack.


Thanks for the quick reply. That actually helps out quite a bit just knowing it’s been done. I’m curious in your setup. Would you happen to have pics by any chance?


Well, I just discovered that there’s actually a wireless headset for the 360. I hate dishing out for something I basically have already. (3 bluetooth headsets)
Would buying that just solve my problem?


Sorry to derail this thread a bit, but if you were using a PS2 stick on the Xbox 360 with a converter, would the wireless headset work or does it need a 360 controller/PCB to work?


Lol. It’s fine, and it’s actually something I was curious about also. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Edit: What do you think the best controller to buy would be if I were to follow this awesome tutorial? I see it says late model madcatz, but I’m not seeing them labeled as late/early model or anything. Would an official wired PCB work?