Dual mod Paewang and Piiwee?

I have an extra Wiimote that i would put inside my stick and just have the IR port sticking out the front of the box. How do i go about mixing the 2 together? Thanks :rock:

Firstly, try saying that out loud 5 times fast rimshot

Secondly, both boards are common ground. Wire the inputs together accordingly. Then, wire the Ground to each other, then the power signals (VCC on the Paewang, don’t know what it would be on the Piiwee, but it would probably be something like +XV where X = a number).

That’s really all there is to it. Make sure they’re not running at the same time, as in, Don’t plug in your stick to a 360/PS3/PC then turn on the Wiimote. Honestly, I’m iffy on you putting it into the stick itself, any jostle that potentially hits the power button on the remote could leave you with a small house fire. Make sure it’s well secured and not going to move before you do this mod.

Are you talking like permanently installing the Wiimote into the case, or making a little hole for it to slide into? I don’t really advise a permanent install if that’s what you’re thinking.

Replacing the batteries would be a pain as you would have to open the case every time, or you would have to create your own unique solution for rechargeable batteries and charging cable.

Also you need to at least connect the A button from the wiimote itself (not the PiiWee) to a button on the exterior of the case, because you have to press it upon turning on the Wii to pair it with the console. Pressing A on an extension such as a PiiWee or a Classic Controller does not work.

Finally, you’re pretty much butchering a perfectly good wiimote that works just as well outside of the case. I can understand how it might be annoying to have a wiimote dangling off the side, but if you’re willing to cut a hole for the IR sensor, you might as well just make an external mount on the case for the remote, and save yourself the trouble of all the padhacking, wiring, and cutting for an internal solution.